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Cineroid USA FL800

Home Accessories - Camera Cineroid USA FL800 Flexible LED 1-Light Kit (V-Mount)
FL800 Flexible LED 3-Set Kit (V-Mount)
Cineroid USA
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The FL800 Flexible LED 3-Set Kit with V-Mount Battery Plates fromCineroid contains all the components you'll need to get up and running withthis unique light source. The kit includes three flexible bi-color FL800 LEDmats and three X-Brackets to convert them to rigid panels and stand mount them.Also included are three controllers to adjust brightness and color, three ACadapters, three diffuser sets, three 9.8' extension cables, and a carry bag.These lights also have a battery plate that allows use of V-Mount batterieswhen mains power is unavailable.




Cineroid LM800 Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel


With the ability to be bent, shaped, or contoured to suit the shape ofyour subject and lighting requirements, the FL800 Flexible Bi-Color LED Panelfrom Cineroid is a unique light source with color, light intensity and poweroptions. The FL800 package comes in three basic parts - the flexible LED mat,FL Controller, and the Power Supply. This listing is for the panel only andrequires separate-purchase of an AC adapter or batteries.




The 18 x 16.5" light source employs 800 LEDs to output 3400 luxwhile maintaining a high CRI of 95, indicating a precise rendition of color.The 10.6 oz FL800 is waterproof (except for the optional Controller) and isimpervious to rain, snow, or humid conditions.




The optional (and required) Controller is the "brain" or theadjustment component of the system. Color temperature is adjusted with a simpledial from a warm 2700K to an icy blue 6500K to match other fixtures, deal withalmost any ambient light situation, or just to provide creative freedom. Lightintensity is adjustable too, from 0-100% without flicker, saving you frompulling the light back and forth to achieve the right level of illumination.Both color and dimming can be controlled locally on the unit or remotely from aconsole with separate purchase of a DMX Controller. Settings appear on theController's LCD screen. The Controller is powered by the third part of thepackage - the optional AC adapter - but with separate purchase of theappropriate battery plate, it can also run on V-mount or Gold mount batterieswhen AC power is unavailable.




The optional power supply accepts 100-240 VAC current making the FL800ready for worldwide use.




Flexible Frame


Bend and twist it into any shape that meets your subjects'requirements. You can also turn it into a rigid panel with an optionalX-Bracket.


Waterproof Panel


The panel (but not the Controller) is waterproof and impervious to rainor humidity.


Optional DMX Controller


The separately-purchased DMX Controller allows adjustment of color from2700-6500K and light intensity from 0-100%. You can make adjustments locally onthe unit, but you can also make them remotely on a console via DMX. The FL800can also run on external batteries when AC power is unavailable.


High Power


The FL800 outputs a flicker-free 3400 lux while maintaining a high CRIof 95, indicating an accurate and faithful rendition of color.


Cineroid Controller with DMX for FL 400 and FL 800 Flexible Panels(V-Mount)


Required for use of the fixtures, the Controller with DMX for FL 400and FL 800 Flexible Panels with V-Mount battery Plate from Cineroid is the"brain" of the system. The ballast controls adjustments of colortemperature from 2700 to 6500K and light intensity from 0 to 100%. Onboard DMXallows the adjustments to be made remotely from a console. An AC adapter isrequired to power the light and controller. This version of the controller hasa battery plate for optional V-Mount batteries that can power the fixture whenmains current is unavailable.




Cineroid Extension Cable for FL800 LED Fixture (9.84')


The 9.84', 4-Pin Extension Cable for FL800 LED Fixture from Cineroidoffers greater distance between the light and its power supply.




Cineroid Soft Diffuser for FL800 Flexible LED Light


This Cineroid Soft Diffuser is designed for use with a Cineroid FL800Flexible LED Light. When in use, this diffuser can soften the output of thecompatible light fixture and is held in place by its hook-and-loop attachments.

ㆍFlexible LED Light Panel / Metal Ballast

ㆍColor temp 2700ºK ~ 6500ºK

ㆍ3 Preset color temp

ㆍFlicker free / Control lock

ㆍ100% dimming

ㆍBattery charging Mode

ㆍUSB 5V output

ㆍExtension up to 20 meter

ㆍSupport G or V battery mount

ㆍDigital Display

Highlights >>
Flexible LED Panel
The flexible Cineroid LED panel can cover more angles than regular lighting. Depending on the situations such as wide or short angles light is needed the shape of panel can be changed.
Waterproof LED Panel
The Cineroid FL800 Flexible LED light is also water proof (with the exceptions of Ballast)It can be used in situations where the atmosphere is humid and in cases of rain. The surface can be washed with water.
Metal Ballast
Ballast is made of a metal material that is more durable and robust. The calculated color information is displayed in the LCD. Very easy, fast and brightness can be adjusted.
Battery Charging
When you do not use Ballast as a controller, you can charge the battery via external power. also USB 5V output is available via Ballast and DMX is built in.
LED Panel
  Model PN-FL800
  Dimension 460 x 240 mm
  Weight 300 g
  Dimming 0~100%
  Photometric 3400 lux
  Color Temperature 2700K ~ 6500K
  LED Cells 800
  CRI 95 or above
  Consumption 120W

Power Controller
  Model FL-DV / FL-DG / FL-DN
  Dimension 170 x 86 x 70 mm
  Weight 500 g
  Dimming 0~100%
  CCT 2700K ~ 6500K
  Cable Length 2m (can be extended)
  Control Lock Yes
  DMX 512 Channel
  DC Input 11~17 V
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