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colorFX Suite

Sounds that pack a real punch: From the soft sheen of analog patina to crunchy digital distortion, colorFX Suite offers the right texture for any track. Use the FX to weld together summed signals such as masters and grouped tracks or to give individual tracks a distinctive character.
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Effects that make all the difference colorFX Suite offers a wide palette for assertive sound coloration. Tape Machine combines the pulsating dynamics of analog hardware with the precision of virtual sound control. Bitcrusher takes the concept of digital distortion to a new level, delivering more parameters for more excitement. Tube Distortion gives sound a singing quality that ranges from quiet and harmonic to fiery and crashing. With signal routing that can be filtered and modulated, colorFX can be used flexibly – as subtle emulsifiers for masters and grouped signals, or to create a distinctive texture for individual tracks.

colorFX Tape Machine Tape saturation produces more overtones in louder signals and can even be pushed to distortion. Subtle variations in pitch give tape recordings more vibrancy. Tape speed and tape head mechanism amplify selective frequencies in the bass range, creating greater warmth. colorFX Tape Machine combines the virtues of analog technology with digital efficiency and flexibility. Ideal for the fine-tuning of sound and dynamics in mastering and for the colorful editing of individual instruments and vocals. All colorFX include professional visualization aids for input and output such as peak level or RMS value.

colorFX Bitcrusher By reducing the resolution and bandwidth of audio with lower bit and sample rates (for instance 8-bit and 22kHz), colorFX Bitcrusher can create distortion ranging from aggressive to bright. Parameters can be freely modulated, which keeps distortion dynamic and creates exciting variations in sound. Aliasing and quantize noise sound great here – not just for lo-fi fans. By carefully mixing distortion, colorFX Bitcrusher achieves concentrated and full sounds that are perfect for group and summed signals. On the other hand, massive bit reductions let you send any track up in smoke and are just the thing for the perfect breakdown. All colorFX include professional visualization for input and output from spectrometer to loudness meter.

colorFX Tube Distortion Tubes don't just become warm: they create warm sounds too. This is produced by harmonic clipping at peak levels. These FX are well-suited for enhancing different instruments and vocals, and essential for that classic tube amp sound. When used for mid-range distortion, color FX Tube Distortion delivers a range of expression that's rich with nuance – for melodic and percussive instruments, vocals and even noise. Full overdrive supports harder musical styles, but also creates solo accents across genre boundaries. All colorFX include professional visualization aids for input and output such as VU meter or as a waveform display.

Supported operating systems

Mac: macOS El Capitan - macOS Catalina

Windows 7 - 10

Supported plug-in formats

VST 2, VST 3, AU VST 2, VST 3

Supported hosts

Cubase, FL Studio, Live, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Reason, StudioOne Cubase, FL Studio, Live, Reaper, Reason, Studio One ACID Pro Family, MusicMaker Family, Samplitude Family, SOUND FORGE Family, VEGAS Family, Video Pro X


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