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Corvid Scaler

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Our PN: AJAN5010078
Manufacturer: AJA
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

AJA TruScale option module for use with Corvid Ultra


TheTruScale Hardware Card for Corvid Ultra from AJA is an arbitrary scaler which allows high-quality scaling of video at resolutions up to 4K. TruScale is real-time and keyframeable, allowing motion video to be efficiently resized while maintaining image quality. Advanced AJA technology allows TruScale to extract any size Region of Interest, from small web videos to 4K resolution images, and scale it to any other resolution.

The TruScale card slots into one of the two expansion bays on your Corvid Ultra, and integrates with AJA's TruZoom software and joystick for live video scaling and recording. TruZoom software, sold separately, is required to provide the drivers and controls needed to use your TruScale card.

Please note: For installation of your TruScale card, you must send it, along with your Corvid Ultra, to AJA.


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