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Cycles 4D

Cycles 4D

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Our PN: XPTN0280008
Manufacturer: X-Particles
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.



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Quick Overview

The new bridge between Blenders ray-tracing production render engine and Cinema 4D



Manufacturer Part Number: INSCYC

Cycles is an unbiased GPU/CPU render engine developed by the Blender Foundation and made available under the Apache 2 licensing system. Cycles 4D is a dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D without the need for an external application.

Unleash the power of your GPUs
Cycles 4D will let you render on multiple graphics cards harnessing the cores and helping you get your renders out on time.

Cycles 4D Real-Time Preview
The Real-Time Preview window loads the scene and lets you work and shade in real-time; see materials and lights update as you change them, allowing you to work faster and focus on whats important.

Cycles 4Ds material system is completely nodal, giving you the power to create unlimited materials and effects

INSYDIUM has designed the system with users in mind, making a modern nodal system that works; and feels like an extension of Cinema 4D. Mix and add unlimited nodes together, from glossy, emissive, diffuse and much more, the scope is endless, the only limitation is your imagination. Cycles 4D Nodes are the complete powerhouse of the system

Cycles 4D gives you unparalleled access to X-Particles features. See your particles render in real-time, drive parameters and access core features. Nothing else comes close to the integration of Cycles 4D and X-Particles.


  • Cycles 4D Requires Cinema 4D R14 or later.


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