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DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio (License Key Card) with FREE Speed Editor

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DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio (License Key Card) with FREE Speed Editor
Blackmagic Design
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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio (License Key Only) with FREE DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor


DaVinci Resolve Studio, from Blackmagic Design, is a renowned advanced color correction software and now also a full-fledged, non-linear editing system — it even allows to you to import projects from other NLEs, such as from Premiere Pro, as XML files. You can edit, color correct, finish, and deliver all from one system. Moreover, Resolve is highly sophisticated and oriented at the same time toward the individual user, large collaborative teams, and the growing studio owner. It's completely scalable and resolution independent, so it can be used on set, in a small studio, or integrated into large production pipelines.



Resolve is a node-based color grading system — nodes being similar layers — where each node can have color correction, isolated areas (power windows), and effects, and in which unlimited numbers of nodes can be joined together sequentially or in parallel. In all, you can combine grades, effects, mixers, keys, and plug-ins in any order to create limitless color effects and unique looks. This is the core of Resolve's color grading functionality, and there are hundreds of advanced features and capabilities in addition, such as grading from raw Files, automatic color matching, and 3D tracking.



The editing functionality in Resolve is designed to handle TV dramas, commercials, multi-camera productions, and all other project types from the smallest to largest. The trimming tool is context sensitive, meaning that based on where you position the mouse cursor on the timeline, Resolve will automatically switch to the trimming function you need, so you can ripple, roll, slip, slide, or extend and shorten your footage without having to manually switch tools. As for collaborative support, Resolve allows multiple people to work together on the same timeline at the same time. This is a major time benefit when each user is assigned a specific task. As with the grading side, the editing side also has hundreds of other features and capabilities.



Resolve is scalable and supports multiple GPUs all working together. You can use multi-GPU systems such as the Mac Pro or build a dedicated Windows system with up to 3 GPUs. Resolve also features advanced media management tools designed for editorial and color workflows. You can move, copy, consolidate, relink, and archive media, timelines, or entire projects. Resolve's clone tool will back up your valuable camera files on location so you can copy camera files to multiple destinations with checksum validation for safekeeping while you're still on set.



Resolve is also capable of editing metadata, syncing sound, and prepping footage for editing, grading, or visual effects. Resolve supports almost any format, and also includes powerful delivery options for versioning, finishing, and delivery at any resolution and format, so you can export for various destination types. Resolve works from your camera originals so your finished master is a first generation graded copy of the original camera raw files. Additionally, exporting can take advantage of remote rendering, using another Resolve on the network to render the job.



All image processing is at 32-bit floating point and Resolve uses a unique YRGB color space for grading. These two features combine to give you a dramatically wider color correction range, and you'll be able to adjust the luminance gain of your video without rebalancing the color of your whites, mids, or blacks.



Resolve was designed with the ability to integrate with dozens of other applications so that you can focus more on your project. Resolve can share sequences and round trip projects with Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, Premiere Pro, and other editing, audio, and VFX and motion graphics software. You can edit your project on any system, then link back to your full quality camera raw files using XML, AAF, or EDL and finish in greater bit depth with Resolve. You can also use AAF export to send a project to ProTools with discreet audio clips and a single layer video mix down for audio finishing. Get support for multiple GPUs, 4K output, motion blur effects, temporal and spatial noise reduction, 3D tools, remote and multi-user collaboration tools, and more with DaVinci Resolve Studio. For an even more enhanced workflow, you can incorporate the optional Resolve Advanced Panel, which is an award-winning control surface for more precise color correction.



Note: Your purchase will provide you with the most recent version of Resolve Studio. Resolve Studio is compatible with Linux only when an optional Resolve Advanced Control Panel is incorporated. In such case, dedicated Linux features will also be available .

New Features





Automatic Processes



Automatic color match grade from one to many clips


Automatic 3D perspective object multi-point tracker



User Interface



Offline clip icon displayed if media is missing from media pool orstorage



Custom Curves Grading



Custom Curves with bezier handle control


Image contrast adjustable with flexible curve end points


HDR curve control for extended dynamic range images



Secondary Grading



Additional advanced 3D keyer with multiple additive isolationqualifiers


Keyer Finesse controls also include Clean Black and Clean White



Power Windows



Conversion of Circle, Linear, and Polygon windows to PowerCurve window



Automatic Object Tracking



3D Perspective object tracking


Support for insertion and deletion of window shape points even aftertracking analysis


Automatic keyframe blending between PowerCurve/Polygon window controlpoints



Internal and External Key/Matte



Connect RGB to KEY node and KEY to RGB node for extended key gradingcontrol



Fully Nodal Processing Architecture



Quick and simple node graph clean up tool



Compound Node Flexibility



Multiple nodes can be combined and displayed as a single node


Compound nodes include one full featured downstream corrector


Compound nodes can be opened and edited and saved


Store Memories, Stills, and PowerGrades as Compound Nodes


User locks of Compound Nodes permit sharing without revealing internalstructure



Clip Version Grading



Delete unused version option



Clip Group Grading



Pre or Post clip group grade can be collapsed into the main clip nodegraph



DaVinci Managed Colorspace Grading



User selection of Source, Timeline, and Output color space


Mix REC.709, BMD Film, Linear, 2.2 gamma, etc. with a consistentmonitor and output color space


REC.709 timeline default simplifies grading with multiple source colorspaces



ACES Colorspace Grading



ACES Colorspace v1.0 transform support



Panasonic Varicam Grading



Real-time decoding and playback of Panasonic Varicam 35 clips


Automatic color space and decode config using camera metadata



Copy Grades Between Clips



Add Correction and Add Correction With Keyframes can be selected fromone thumbnail to multiple



Ripple Grades Between Clips



Ripple from one clip to many


Ripple from one clip to selected group


Ripple and append new node to many clips










Support for audio plug-ins


Simplified Option click single track Auto Track selection


Enhanced Edit/Media playback to prioritize audio for slow codecs orcomplex grades



Flexible Full Featured User Interface



Flexible User Interface with top down selections of display layout


Select just Timeline and viewers or add Inspector, mixer, media pooland effects as you need


Fit to screen toggles on Edit and Color pages with position memory


Title and transform motion paths are visible and editable on the viewer


Motion paths include bezier handle control


Reference video comparisons to timeline with SDI output



Multi-Cam Editing



On-the-fly optimized media for smooth multi-cam playback


Sync clips by timecode, in/out point, audio, or manually


User selection to switch or cut to alternative angle


User selection to for video only, audio only, or both


Angle selection by mouse or keyboard


Cuts honor Link Selected modes



Timeline and Viewers



Option clicking to split video and audio during roll



Trim Edits



Multi-selection trimming of edits or clips


Asymmetrical trimming of multiple clips on the same track


Double click trim modes to place in source viewer






Real-time audio playback of multiple audio channels even in reverseplay


Smooth audio playback for frame-by-frame playback, nudge, and JKL fastand slow stepping


Smooth audio playback for JKL and dynamic JKL trimming


Constant Audio sync with video for easy to the word editing


Re-sampled audio for speed changed clips


Support for 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz audio


Audio only clips can be edited and rendered


Support for audio Automation controls



Audio Plug-In Support



Support for a wide range of VST and AU plug-ins


Multiple plug-ins can be applied per clip or per track


Support for a wide range of VST and AU plug-ins


Edit page inspector used for most plug-in controls


Support for plug-in user UI controls



Timeline List



Timelines can be nested and edited just like compound clips


Nested Timelines can be decomposed and re-edited


Timelines and timeline folders consolidated into Media Pool for simpleselect all operations






Curve editor for transitions provides ultimate flexibility and effectcontrol





Scalable Power


Quality Image Processing



DaVinci Color Managed Color Science



Dynamic Multi-Point Render Cache



User selectable render cache of clips in multiple layer composite


User selectable Render Cache for final render option







Real-Time Mixed Image and File Support



Optimized media and proxy support for using the same project on systemswith different performance



Media File Flexibility



Media Storage Favorites to quickly find commonly used folders


Generation of subclips from the Media Storage or within the Media Pool


Media Pool Smart Bins with non-destructive sort filters and nestedselection criteria


Display name column in Media Pool offers simple-to-advanced tag basednaming on any or multiple clips


Drag and drop clips from desktop to Media Pool bins or Timelines


Simple one folder re-link operation for offline clips



Media Management



Clips and Timelines can be copied, transcoded, moved, and deleted viamedia management rules


Copied, transcoded, and moved clips can be automatically relinked tocurrent timelines


Full source clips, as used or used with handle controls for mediamanagement operations


LUTS, stills, and cache can also be archived and restored



Camera Codec Support



Panasonic Varicam v35 and HS










Export to ProTools with separate audio clips, single layer videomix-down, and AAF


Render Audio only clips


Render Sony XAVC Intra







Multiple Panel Support



Supports Tangent Devices Wave and Elements, JL Cooper Eclipse, AvidArtist Color, and Oxygentec ProPanel control panels




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