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Our PN: PDDN0330001
Manufacturer: ProDad
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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Quick Overview

Automatic Video Fisheye Correction



Manufacturer Part Number: DEFISHR V1

proDAD DEFISHR is the worlds first fully automatic fisheye distortion correction solution for video.
Users of GoPro, Contour, CamOne, and digital cameras fitted with super-wide angle lens often complain about the warped images, especially out a the horizon of the video. DEFISHR fixes this with ease, the result is very high quality de-warped video.

Simply drag a video into the DEFISHR media bin, see an instant side-by side comparison of the original and de-fished video.

Why Choose DEFISHR?

  • Automatic fisheye removal
  • Works with any lens/camera combination
  • Flatten warped video/images
  • Fix video or still images
  • Create custom camera profiles
  • Fix off-center video
  • Flip upside-down video
  • Manual adjustment options
  • Stand-alone Windows app

DEFISHR includes an exclusive camera Calibration tool, which can be used to create a de-fishing camera profile for a camera not in the presets. Simply shoot about a few seconds of video of the Calibration grid with the desired camera and then import this video into the Calibration tool and its analyzed to create a new camera profile.


  • Dual-core processor (proDAD recommends Intel Core i7), 4GB RAM, 25MB hard disk space for installation, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. DEFISHR is compatible with Windows 8.


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