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ez-Pro VS4 4x1 Seamless Switcher Free Shipping!

ez-Pro VS4 4x1 Seamless Switcher

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Our PN: LUMN5740006
Manufacturer: Lumantek
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

4x1 Seamless Switcher ( Stand-alone)



Manufacturer Part Number: EZ-PRO VS4

Lumantek VS4 4x1 Seamless Switcher
ez-Pro VS4 is a 4 channels video source switcher. Video sources can enter through HDMI and/or SDI ports and can be assigned to HD displays and projectors. Built in scalers on each input can adjust output video resolutions even though input sources have different resolutions. ez-Pro VS4 is born for church worship, educational activities, wedding, ceremonies, theater, and live concert.

3G-SDI and HDMI Interface
ez-Pro VS4 inputs can be used in combinations of [2 x 3G-SDI and 2 x HDMI] or [1 x 3G-SDI and 3 x HDMI] plus stereo audio. Its outputs are 1 x 3G-SDI and 1 x HDMI. ez-Pro VS4's versatile combination of multi format switcher with scaler supports up to full HD.

Internal Scalers for SD, HD, Full-HD
Each video input has a built-in scaler that can be set up to 1080p. The incoming video source resolution will be automatically displayed on the LED screen. The output program (PGM) can be up/down scaled to any HD resolution up to 1080p.

Audio Input / Output
Stereo Balanced Audio input can be mixed with audio sources from 3G-SDI and HDMI video. Audio embedding and de-embedding supported.

User-Friendly Multiview
You can monitor all sources at the same time on a screen through ez-Pro VS4. The multiview allows easy monitoring of all video inputs, audio levels, the preview (PVW) and the program (PGM) screen without confusion. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) can also be repositioned and resized on the multiview screen.


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