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FieldCast Adapter Four Free Shipping!

FieldCast Adapter Four

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Mfr PN: BR011
Our PN: FLDN9100007
Manufacturer: FieldCast
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

The adapter for Neutrik opticalCON Quad: connects FieldCast to your old opticalCON Quad cables.



Manufacturer Part Number: BR011

The opticalCON QUAD link to FieldCast
Adapter Four is the bridge between FieldCast fiber optic infrastructure and opticalCON Quad fiber optic cable assemblies, enabling you to migrate to FieldCast without having to sacrifice your old opticalCON cable drums. With Adapter Four you can connect opticalCON Quad cable to FieldCast 4Core Chassis Connector or Adapter Cable. You even can connect to Coupler Cable and cascade FieldCast and opticalCON for longer distances!

Implement opticalCON QUAD cable in your FieldCast environment
Adapter Four is the brother of Adapter Three. It uses the same aluminum housing with its integrated 1/4' insert but now it features a Neutrik OpticalCon Quad chassis connector and, at the end of the meter long cable, a FieldCast 4Core Cable Connector. If you own or rent Neutrik opticalCON Quad cable assemblies, Adapter Four enables you to connect them to FieldCast 4Core Chassis Connector and 4Core Adapter Cable, or, using 4Core Coupler Cable, put them in cascade with FieldCast 4Core Main Cable. Inside of the box Adapter Four uses four generic LC connectors that tap into the back of a factory standard Neutrik opticalCON Quad chassis connector. There's a single mode and a multimode version available, each with its own color coded rings, yellow for single mode and aqua for multimode, for easy identification.


  • Robust milled out aluminium enclosure, pearl blasted and black anodized.
  • Features a Neutrik opticalCON Quad chassis connector on one side, and a 1 meter cable outlet with FieldCast 4Core connector on the other side.
  • The adapter accepts opticalCON Quad cable connectors, whereas the cable outlet connects to FieldCast 4Core Chassis Connectors, making it possible to use opticalCON cable assembles in FieldCast infrastructure environments.
  • With its LC Duplex connectors the cable outlet directly taps into the back side of the opticalCON chassis connector, so no extra adapter inside adding unnecessary attenuation.
  • Enclosure contains 1/4' steel insert to mount on tripod, rig, arm etc., and also has two extra M3 taps for attaching the adjustable belt clip.


  • milled out aluminum case, pearl blasted, black anodized
  • Neutrik opticalCON Quad connector
  • 1 meter cable outlet, tactical cable with pull relief
  • FieldCast 4Core male cable connector with color coding
  • 4xLC (PC) connection to back of opticalCON Quad connector
  • available in SM (single mode) and MM (multimode)
  • 1/4in steel insert in center of back plate, 2 M3 taps 47 mm. apart
  • comes with detachable belt clip and fixing screws
  • dimensions 75mm x 45mm x 33mm.
  • weight 280 grams
  • product code: br105


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