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FieldCast Converter One (FC 2Core SM-to-SDI)

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FieldCast Converter One
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FieldCast Converter One

Go into the field with your 3G SDI gear
With Converter One you can connect any SDI gear up to 3G and send the signal over fiber optics. The Converter One pair exists of a transmitter and a receiver and both have standard BNC connectivity so you can plug in your existing SDI camera, SDI monitor or other gear and bridge any distance without losing signal quality. Transmitter and receiver both have 2Core chassis connector and directly connect to the FieldCast cable!

• Rugged milled out aluminum case, glass blasted and anodized
• Color coded and FieldCast 2Core SM Chassis Connector with D-size flange
• Custom FieldCast ultra short bend insensitive patching cable inside
• Single mode 9/125 fiber optic technology
• Spare D-size cutout with blind plate, for updating to Adapter One Plus
• Countersunk M3 20mm mounting screws for connecting to Camera Converter
• Instruction manual and hex key for removing Camera Converter screws included

The converter pair features FieldCast 2Core Chassis Connector on both units, so you can bridge them with the 2Core SM (single mode) Main Cable, fast and easy. Now you can connect your SDI equipment to robust fiber optic cable without any hassle and go into the field without worrying! It's as simple as it sounds, one box is acting as the transmitter and the other box is acting as the receiver. Any SDI signal, up to 3G, will pass without quality loss whatsoever.

The technology is straightforward. Electromagnetic signal is converted to optical signal, transported over fiber optic cable and at the end of the line converted back to electromagnetic signal. In fact the information as such is not converted at all and literally every bit of information is being preserved. What comes in, comes out, clean and unchanged.

The pair uses only one strand of fiber and the LED's tell you if the SDI signal is being recognized and if the fiber connection has been made. No manual needed, no dip switches, simply put the units to power and go, any distance.

Robust fiber optic connectivity made easy
Get the max out of your SDI equipment by using the FieldCast fiber optic system. With FieldCast Converter One you can tap into the world of easy to use fiber optic connectivity and cover any distance between your OB Van and your live camera or your monitor in the most professional way. Converter One has smallest form factor possible and the all aluminum design makes it light as a feather.

ConstructionRugged milled out aluminum case, glass blasted and anodizedWeight350g (12.35 oz)
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