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FieldCast Converter One Hybrid (FC 2Core Hybrid-to-SDI)

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FieldCast Converter One Hybrid (FC 2Core Hybrid-to-SDI)
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The Future is Fiber

Traditional copper cabling technology has reached its ultimate limit and we have to accept that it can't transport the higher resolutions and frame rates of today's digital video and cinema protocols over longer distances. Fiber optic technology does not have these limitations and is perfectly capable of transporting huge amounts of data over virtually any distance, maintaining signal integrity from start to finish without compromise.


Moreover, fiberoptics is more than ready for the migration to video over IP and is paving the way for the IP maps that are being drawn planning the roads towards tomorrow's infrastructure.


Made for Live Events

The design of this heavy duty aluminum converter box is revolutionary. It has our sturdy fiber optic connector builtin, so you can connect straight to our main cable and go SDI over long distances, Up to 1080p60. We put 1/4" inserts in top and bottom of the box , so you can mount it easily on pod or rig or attach a clamp for safe and sound truss mount. Two additional 8.2mm drillings straight through the enclosure make it extremely easy for you to use cord, rope or tie wrap for fast fixing or to cascade multiple converters using tubes or nods.


The hybrid versions accept voltages between 14V and 40V, while outputting a stable 12V for feeding external equipment like cameras or cascaded FieldCast converters. You can feed them with our special 24V power box.


FieldCast Converter One Hybrid 3G

Two channel fiber optic to 3G SDI converter with dual SDI output for both channels. Built-in FieldCast connector to connect directly to the robust 2Core SM Hybrid FieldCast Cable.

ConnectsDirectly to 2Core SM Hybrid FieldCast Cable
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