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G2 H.264 4G/Wifi Supported HDMI to IP Video Encoder

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G2 H.264 4G/Wifi Supported HDMI to IP Video Encoder
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Kiloview G2 wireless video encoder can convert the full 1080P HDMI video source to IP signal without loss and push to internet streaming broadcast platforms through Ethernet, built-in Wifi or 4g network to realize video transmission, which makes live broadcasting available at anytime and anywhere. Kiloview G2 encoder is widely applied in hotel TV system, school teaching, video conference, recording system,etc. G2 encoder has approved by CE,FCC,HDMI,ISO,etc.


  • Wide applications, cost-effective
  • SDK provided
  • 1080P HD live broadcast
  • Support wifi/4g/Ethernet
  • Low power consumption (<4w)
  • Low bitrate but quality image transmission
  • H.264 video encoding
  • HDMI loop monitoring supported
  • Low latency( ≤ 67)

Wide application (wifi/4g/Ethernet), wireless video transmission/broadcasting supported.

  • Built-in dual-band (2.4G/5.8G) wifi module, USB 4G-LTE Dongle supported, makes various forms of wireless network transmission available;
  • Built-in self-adaptive Ethernet interface, wired network transmission also supported;
  • Dual streams output supported and can be pushed to different live broadcasting platforms simultaneously, main stream encoding up to 1080p60Hz, sub stream encoding support 540 p 60Hz;
  • Micro SD/TF card slot equipped to support storage and recording;
  • Video loopout supported without delay, convenient for live monitoring.

High bandwidth adaptability, low bandwidth network can still transmit high definition video. Low latency. No carton.

  • Achieve low bit rate encoding and ensure high definition image quality, 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p can get high quality video;
  • Kiloview advanced video buffer technology and forward error correction technology ensure video encoding delay ≤ 67ms and no stuck;
  • It supports up to 1080p60Hz video format, and the output resolution can be customized.

Powerful streaming service, support all live broadcast platforms.

  • Support RTP/RTSP/RTMP/HLS/TS streaming media protocols for live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, Wowza etc;
  • With built-in KILOVIEW ® SUNSHINE streaming media server engine, 20 to 50 concurrent access simultaneously is supported;
  • Support Onvif 1.1/2.0, easy access to security protection system /NVR system.

High quality and stable performance, 7*24h continuous working available.

  • High quality capacitors, PCB board, interface adopted which ensured the stability of the device, makes 7*24H continuous working available;
  • Portable size, low power consumption (<4w).

Strong flexibility to support secondary development, customized service available

  • Open API programming, SDK provided for second development;.
  • Customization service available based on client’s needs.


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