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GPI Commander 2 Free Shipping!

Mfr PN: 3IB27
Our PN: TRNN0330003
Manufacturer: Softron Media Services
Platform(s): Mac

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Quick Overview

24 in / 8 out GPI to USB converter.



Manufacturer Part Number: 3IB27

GPICommander is two things: a USB to GPI Converter and a software. You can send or receive GPI triggers using AppleScript, so it can be used with any application under MacOS X. If needed, an SDK is available if you want to have direct access to it without AppleScript (it also runs on Windows then and it enables you to control the unit by writing C code.)

It has 24 inputs (open-collector type, common ground) and 8 independant relay outputs but since each unit has a unique serial ID, you can chain more than once on the USB bus to have more inputs and/or outputs.


In / out

  • 24 inputs on DB 25 (ground on pin 25)
  • 8 outputs on phoenix connector with screw contacts
  • Volume control (for the general output, the document, or the clip)
  • Ducking
  • Automatically analyze audio to set the out point

Mac OS application

  • Available for free
  • Manual controls (set outputs on or off or pulse)
  • AppleScriptable (set outputs from third party application)
  • Can trigger AppleScripts when a change of status of one of the inputs is detected (different action possible for on or off change)

Windows applications

  • Not developed but if you are a developer, contact us to get the protocol.

Third party integration

  • Can be controlled by third party software through AppleScripts.
  • Integration possible with most of our products (check the features list to see if it can trigger GPI).



  • Minimum System requirements
    • MAC: G4, OS 10.4.11, 2GB RAM
    • PC: no software supplied - developers can ask for the API


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