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Greyscalegorilla Plus

Greyscalegorilla Plus is a home to learn 3D and motion design. Customers can stream Cinema 4D, Redshift, and X-Particles training and get exclusive downloads.
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Includes GorillaGrade LUTs, 3D Dust Particulate, 4K Dust Elements, and Dust Bundle.

1,200+ High-Quality Materials, 400+ Hours of Training, Plus Much More 


Greyscalegorilla Plus is a subscription service with a growing library of in-depth pro training series and downloadable materials and assets.


Instantly stream all of our pro training and using our beautiful drag and drop material library with your Plus Membership.



 Your Best Renders Start With Plus

Learn faster with Pro Training for Cinema 4D, Redshift, Arnold, and X-Particles from industry experts.


PLUS, get all of our beautiful material collections to make yourrenders more realistic.


What's Included In Plus?

 Greyscalegorilla Plus - Procedural Systems Zach Corzine

 Instant Access To 400+ Hours Of Pro Training

Greyscalegorilla Plus includes over 677 videos to start learning from today. Get instant access to our best-selling guides to Cinema 4D, Redshift,Arnold, X-Particles, and all upcoming training series exclusive to Plus members.

 Greyscalegorilla Plus - MSMC Wood

And, Get Over 1,200 High Quality Materials For Your Next Project

Members get instant access to download and use hundreds of handcrafted, professional, high-quality textures for Cinema 4D, Arnold, Redshift,and Octane.


This Growing Library Includes...


438 Hours of Training


1,238 3D Materials


677 Videos


Expand Your 3D Career Today

Stream training on your own schedule. Binge-watch every episode, orjust find the things you need to learn.


What Exactly Is Included In Plus?

Get Instant Access to ALL of Greyscalegorilla Pro Training, MaterialCollections and other exclusive training and downloads. Here is a full list ofincluded training and how much it would cost if purchased separately. 


For a list of existing training, upcoming training, and coursepreviews, visit the Greyscalegorilla Plus preview page or download this PDF.


Product Included                                                                          Value



Guide to Cinema 4D R21                                                             $299

Guide to Cinema 4D R20                                                             $299

Guide To Redshift                                                                          $299

Guide to Arnold                                                                             $299

Intro To Houdini                                                                             $199

Guide To X-Particles                                                                      $299

Procedural Systems                                                                       $199

AskGSG Season 1                                                                          $99

AskGSG Season 2                                                                          $99

AskGSG Season 3                                                                          $99

Intro To Character Rigging                                                            $199

Animation Fundamentals Training                                               $227

Quick Tips – Training                                                                    $199

Aces Color Correction Training                                                    $99

Product Visualization Training                                                     $199

Intro To Cinema 4D Training                                                        $99


Materials And Downloads            

Everyday Material Collection                                                     $249

Modern Surface Material Collection                                         $199

Texture Kit Pro                                                                             $99

Gorilla Grade LUTs                                                                       $99

Material Training For Redshift, Arnold, and Octane                  $99


Total Value         $3,957

Please Note: Although most of these products are compatiblewith Cinema R14 and above, Greyscalegorilla offers customer support forinstallations on R18 and above.


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