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HDRI Studio Rig for CINEMA 4D

Professionally Lit Renders And Animations in Cinema 4D
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HDRI Studio Rig



HDRI Studio Rig is a Cinema 4D lighting plugin from Greyscalegorilla. Quickly and easily add Global Illumination lighting and reflections with High Dynamic Range Images. Rotate, adjust, and place your HDRIs for the perfect render*. Plus, create seamless backgrounds to complete your scenes.


This plugin includes an HDRI Browser with 70+ custom HDRI studio images and HDR rigs. The environments were captured in professionally lit 3D product studios, designed to to light your scenes, animations, and products.


Render* your scenes, and quickly preview your project in the Cinema 4D Viewport.

*Compatible with Standard and Physical Renderer Only

*NOT Compatible with ProRender in Cinema 4D R19


Feature List

Easy-to-use Interface

“C4D Shadow Catcher” included

Seamless floor controls for perfect backdrops

HDRI Browser for quickly changing your HDRI

Render Setting Presets for quick and easy rendering

Simple Slider interface

Change scene brightness and reflection brightness separately

Easily blur your HDRI for better GI effects

“Rotation preview” for aligning your HDRI to suit your needs

Works with all GSG HDRI Packs (sold separately)

Exclusive Fill Light for easily adding light everywhere

Built in color correction controls

Background options for perfect alphas and backgrounds

Background gradient controls

Studio quality floor reflection built in



“NO HASSLE LICENSE” No waiting for authorization codes, you download, install, and go.

HDRI STUDIO RIG – This custom plugin helps you rotate, tweak and place your HDRIs perfectly for your render.

OVER 70 STUDIO QUALITY HDRIS INCLUDED captured from professionally lit 3D product studios.

SEAMLESS FLOOR RIG – Render your objects on a seamless floor with great shadow detail and perfect background.

CUSTOM RENDER SETTINGS – Custom render settings for every type of render including flicker-free animations. Built so you can worry about making your render look great and not about perfecting settings.

VIDEO TRAINING – Comprehensive video training for the pack including tutorials on how to use Global Illumination with Physical Renderer.

Check out The HDRI Studio Rig in Action

The HDRI Studio Rig has helped thousands artists achieve a perfect render. This is just a small example of the amazing work being done by these talented artists.


HDRI Studio Rig Render Presets

In this video, Nick explains how to use the render presets that ship with HDRI Studio Rig. This list of useful render presets can help lower your render times or be a fast way to get final quality images in Standard and Physical Renderer.


 Flicker Free Global Illumination Presets

In addition to great still renders, you can also get flicker free GI renders using our custom presets for all compatible versions of Cinema 4D including the new Physical Renderer. Get great looking Global Illumination animation without slow render times or flickery shadows.

  • 71 High Resolution HDRI Images
    captured from Professionally lit 3D product studios. (6000px x 3000px)
  • HDR Studio Rig
    This rig allows you to light your scenes just by dragging and dropping your favorite HDR image into the scene. This rig also allows you to fine tune the HDR images to match your scene perfectly.
  • Video Training
    Comprehensive Video training for the pack including tutorials on how to use Global Illumination.
  • Seamless Floor Rig
    This rig allows you to render your products and scenes on a seamless floor object. If you have tried to do this before, then you know how hard this is to get working correctly. This rig takes care of it for you.
  • Scene Presets
    Custom Presets for every type of render including animation presets for flicker-free animations using these HDRI images. Built so you can worry about making your render look great and not about perfecting settings.
  • HDRI Studio Rig requires a minimum of Cinema 4D R14. You also need Global Illumination. How do you know if you have Global Illumination? If you have the Broadcast, Visualization, or Studio versions of C4D, then you are ready to rock! Runs on Mac or PC operating system. NOTE: HDRI Studio Pack is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R16, Reflectance, And The Physical And Standard Renderer.
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