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Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C

Home Accessories - Camera Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C Adjustable Fresnel LED Light
Wasp 100-C Adjustable Fresnel LED Light
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This is the Wasp 100-C the new LED from Academy Award nominated Hive Lighting for photography, video and live event lighting. It combines brilliant and energy efficient LEDs with intuitive controls. The quality of light the infinite accessories and smart controls will forever change the way you experience lighting.

The Wasp 100-C is for the professional gaffer on a Hollywood feature film and the aspiring indie filmmaker. The video blogger and the fashion photographer. The Wasp 100-C brings quality and control from the highest levels of professional lighting to everyone.

There is more to lighting than just illumination. Therefore, we created the Wasp 100 - C with Perfect S.H.O.T. to be your personal lighting system. A simple product built around you, designed for real production scenarios and all its potential. The Wasp 100-C turns your everyday lighting into an extraordinary on set experience. Play with the colors and use light modifying accessories to customize your lighting for different on screen talent, subjects and locations. Control the Wasp 100-C using professional DMX boards, the simple interface on the light itself or through a smartphone app, its all about simplifying your life on set.

Designed to be the most flexible light source imaginable white light controls allow you to adjust the Wasp 100-C from warm candle light to cool daylight supporting productions in any location or time of day. Full hue and saturation controls give the user the ultimate creativity to make an immersive lighting experience with infinite color combinations. The Wasp 100-C has a 180 degree spread and provides you the accessories to shape light any way you want. Create a theatrical spot light or a soft beauty light, a lantern light or a powerful flood, the only real limit is your imagination.

The Wasp 100-C is an environmentally friendly lighting product, that is practical as well, offering the highest color quality and highest output LED all while being affordable for all levels of production. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles by Hive Lighting the engineering and prototyping on the Wasp 100 - C is already complete but we need your support to help us complete tooling and manufacturing the first run of these groundbreaking lights.

The Wasp 100-C is Hive Lighting's first LED. Using only 100 Watts it has the output of a 650 Watt incandescent and features Hive's Perfect S.H.O.T. system for complete output and color control. The new Wasp 100-C has a 98 CRI, 97 TLCI. It can run off battery or universal wall power, weighs only 3.5 lbs, and works with hundreds of accessories.


Hive's Perfect S.H.O.T. control system on the Wasp 100-C allows you to adjust the Saturation, Hue, Output and color Temperature to create the perfect Lighting for any shot. These four controls allow for an infinite combination of dimming and color adjustments to customize Lighting for any imaginable production scenario. Perfect S.H.O.T. can be manipulated on the head itself, or controlled remotely via DMX or your smartphone.


Wasp 100-C Head Unit with 22 Reflector

Wasp 100-C Power Supply 100-240 VAC

HDP Lenses: Medium, Wide, and Super Wide

5 inch 4-Leaf Barn Doors

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