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HM600WC8X72HU Wide Angle Converter (GY-HM600/650)

Home Accessories - Camera JVC HM600WC8X72HU Wide Angle Converter (GY-HM600/650)
Wide Angle Converter for GY-HM600/650
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Manufacturer Part Number: HM600WC8X72HU

The HM600WC8X72HU is a 0.8X wide angle converter lens with 72mm threading specifically chosen for use with GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 camcorders. The HM600WC8X72HU comes with a sunshade hood which attaches to the outer ring of the lens and a carrying case.

By using the HM600WC8X72HU, the 35mm-equivalent focal length is converted from 29 667mm to 23 533mm. In addition, the converter lens has zoom-through capability.

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