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HostEngine 4U (RP) (2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v3) Free Shipping!

HostEngine 4U (RP) (2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v3)

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Our PN: CUBN5300067
Manufacturer: Cubix
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.

List Price:$17,899.00

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Quick Overview




Manufacturer Part Number: HE4URP

By connecting the HostEngine rackmount computer to Xpander Rackmount 8, you can add eight double-wide GPUs such as NVIDIA Tesla K40, Quadro 6000 for running Autodesk 3ds Max or Bunkspeed Shot with Mental Images iray on Microsoft Windows 7 / 8, or BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve for Linux.

HostEngines are rackmount computers that connect to Xpander products for hosting eight or more dual-slot accelerators or sixteen single-slot graphics (such as NVIDIA Quadro K4200), as well as other PCI Express (PCIe) cards. Connect eight NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU / Quadro K5200 / K6000 graphics to a HostEngine with a single Xpander Rackmount 8 Gen3 to support color grading, photo-realistic 3D rendering, and HPC (high performance compute) applications. You can also connect HostEngine to multiple Xpander Rackmount 8 systems and support up to 32 Intel Xeon Phi co-processors in multiple Xpander Rackmount 8 Gen3 systems to a single HostEngine computer for HPC clusters.

BlackMagic Design has certified DaVinci Resolve for Linux to run on Xpander Rackmount 8 using eight GPUs such as NVIDIA Quadro K5200 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black. When you order Rackmount 8 with HostEngine, Cubix can install the Host Interface Controllers (HICs), the operating system, the drivers and the application.

Features And Benefits
HostEngine computers feature dual Intel Xeon 64-bit processor(s) with the Intel C600 Series chipset. HostEngine provides three PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 expansion slots.

Each slot accommodates a half-height controller such as the Cubix HIC that connects to Xpander. Each HIC connects to a Main Interface Board (MIB) with multiple slots within an Xpander Rackmount 8 or other Xpander models. Connect each of two HICs in one HostEngine to an Xpander Rackmount 8 or one HIC in each of two HostEngines to an Xpander Rackmount 8.

Ease Of Installation And Service
When you order HostEngine with an operating system like Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Xpander Rackmount 8 and GPUs such as Tesla K40, Quadro K6000, or Intel Phi co-processors. Cubix Manufacturing installs the drivers and updates as well as the applications and updates for you. With pre-configured HostEngines from Cubix, you mount the units within your rack mount cabinets, and then connect and configure them within your network. You'll start much more quickly with pre-configured HostEngines from Cubix than if you install everything from scratch yourself.

Service individual hosts as needed to increase uptime by up to 75 percent. You can quickly and easily add or remove HostEngine to / from your rackmount cabinet without affecting other HostEngine computers. You can also quickly and easily add or remove hard disk drives to / from HostEngine without affecting other HostEngine computers.

HostEngine provides PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, integrated VGA local port video, USB 3 ports, two Gbps Ethernet ports, a COM port and audio ports are on the rear panel. The AC power receptacle is also on the rear panel.

HostEngine also provides access for Cubix PCIe x16 HICs that connect to Xpander Rackmount 8 or other Xpander enclosures using external PCIe x16 cables. With these connections, you can mount HostEngine immediately above or below Xpander Rackmount 8.


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