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HS-2800-8 Mobile Studio

Hand-carried Mobile Studio includes: SE-2800-8, built-in 17" LCD monitor and intercom system. It comes with intercom accessories for 4 users. HS-2800-8 can receive CG from Key and Fill sources or an external DSK.
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Manufacturer Part Number: HS-2800-8

The HS-2800 is a compact, lightweight SE-2800-based Mobile Studio. The HS-2800 utilizes the SE-2800 Switcher and includes an integrated 17? Monitor and the ITC-100 Intercom/Tally System. The ITC-100 comes with 4 belt packs, headsets, and tally lights enough equipment for up to 4 camera operators. In addition, the HS-2800 can be controlled remotely by PC, through the local network, or over the internet using Datavideos Remote and Net Setup Software.

Theres no need to check in' your mobile studio with other luggage, having to worry about it accidentally getting lost, not arriving on time, or damaged. Instead, you can have it in the cabin with you 100% of the time, from departure to arrival.

Uses for the SE-2800 Switcher
A rock festival is touring, and multiple stages need to be filmed live. Luckily, the producer has the SE-2800.

HD and SD Support
HS-2800 supports both High Definition and Standard Definition signals.

Eight Flexible Inputs
Flexible combinations of input sources may be used from HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, and CV.

Upgradable to 12 Inputs
HS-2800 may be upgraded with 4 more BNC input ports to support a total of 12 inputs.

HDMI Multi-View Preview Output
The MS-2800 Switcher has an HDMI-out port to see the multiview output on a larger monitor.

PAL or NTSC Compatible
HS-2800 accepts input from PAL or NTSC signals.

Audio Embedding
HS-2800 supports 4-channel audio level control and all-channel audio delay before audio embedding.

SpecificationsSupports 12 HD or SD inputs in a variety of configurations:HD Mode: 12 HD-SDI / 9 HD-SDI + 3 HDMISD Mode: 12 SD-SDI / 9 SDI + 3 HDMI2 SDI Outputs, which can be assigned to AUX, Program (PGM), Preview (PVW) or PGM clean - Built-in SD down-scaler on CH-3 SDI output1 HDMI output for multi-view monitoringAudio I/OInput: 4 analogue balanced XLROutput: 2 analogue balanced XLR. Supports embedded audio SDI output from 4-CH XLR Audio inputTwo DSK, supports Key and FillCut, Mix and Wipe with bordersClock on screenCountdown counter on multiscreenTwo PIP displays with user-defined bordersAudio Delay up to 16 fields, or 8 framesTally, GPI interface and RJ45 for firmware upgradeDC 12V operation voltage, available for mobile use
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