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HS-3200 Mobile Studio

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12 input HD-SDI and HDMI hand carried mobile studio with built-in 17.3" LCD monitor, H.264 streaming encoder, and recorder. It also has a built-in TC-200 for titles and graphics.
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Datavideo's most advanced 12 input 1080P 50/60

Portable Video Streaming Studio

Completely customizable 12 input full HD production switcher

The HS-3200 is equipped with 12 inputs (8x SDI+4x HDMI) and 9 outputs (5x SDI+4x HDMI) to help you produce a sophisticated and professional live event.


Supports full 1080P with scaling on each available input

The HS-3200 is Datavideo's top of the line switcher with full 1080p support on every input and output, and not only has this, but 3200 series also has a built-in input scaler, for up and down conversion on each available input. 


Create stunning video effects with advanced features

Advanced features include 8x PIPs, 4x upstream keyers for chromakey, linear and luma keys as well as picture-in-picture, 2x DSKs, and 2x independent logos or chromakeyers.


Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and more

The built-in H.264 web streaming encoder allows you to stream your show to Facebook, YouTube or Twitch in no time.


17.3" LED Backlit Monitor

Built-in Monitor Display. 17.3” HD TFT LED backlit monior with resolution 1920x1080 pix. 


Built-in animations and backgrounds

Choose from a variety of pre-saved animated stinger transitions and 50 virtual set backgrounds to create advanced effects.



Included CG Title Creator

All 3200 series switchers have built-in support for Datavideo CG software. This unique feature converts a regular HDMI output of a PC or laptop into a fully-fledged CG interface for use with Datavideo’s CG suites. Free CG-200 software included.

Custom Multiview layout & dual Multiview output

Connect up to two displays to all 3200 series switchers for a dual Multiview output. Choose from many pre-defined multi-view layouts or define your own!


  • Flex Source to go that extra mile

    Flex Source gives you the power of a 2 M/E switcher, in a 1 M/E switcher! Create a complete extra layer of image composition. These complex setups can be saved and recalled with the touch of a button.


    4 Chromakeyers for a complete virtual studio experience

    Up to 4 channels of switchable chromakey with our unique “Key tie” functionality. Create a complete 4 channel virtual studio and enjoy our super easy to use automatic chromakey functions.


    Up to 8 picture-in-picture frames with unique 3D borders

    Create up to 8 picture-in-picture frames that can be active at the same time. Picture-in-picture frames are fully adjustable in size and position and have various border options including our unique 3D borders.


    Crosspoint assignment for ultimate flexibility

    Crosspoint assignment (XPT) grants you the option of rerouting each physical in and output to any of the available buttons. No more ducking under the table for quick rerouting!


    Perfect lip-sync audio

    Up to 4 stereo XLR audio inputs, next to embedded audio on each input. 2 de-embedded output channels to the mixing table and delay functionality to create a perfect lip-sync.


        HS-3200 HD 12-Channel HD Portable Video Streaming Studio

o   Video Standard 

o   Full HD


        Video Format    

o   1080p 50/59.94/60Hz

o   1080i 50/59.94/60Hz

o   720p 50/59.94/60Hz


        Input Routable / Crosspoint         

o   All 12

o   repeatable


        Video Input        

o   8x SDI


        4x HDMI


        Computer Graphic Interface        

        4 via HDMI


        Video Output     

o   5xSDI assignable: Multiview, PGM, PVW, PGM+DSK, Clean PGM, Clean PVW, Input1-12, STILL1, STILL2, Flex source


o   1xHDMI assignable: Multiview, PGM, PVW, PGM+DSK, Clean PGM, Clean PVW, Input1-12, STILL1, STILL2, Flex source


o   3x HDMI: PGM


        Audio Input        

o   4x Balanced XLR


        Audio Output     

o   2x Balanced XLR


        Embedded Audio Support             

o   Up to 16 framesInput up to 16 channels,

o   Output 4 channels


        Audio Delay Calibration 

o   Up to 16 frames


        A+V Switching   

o   Yes



o   4



o   2x DSK support Lumakey & Linear key

o   (Key / Fill)


        Picture in Picture             

o   8 (4x PIP, 4x Flex Source)


        Logo Insertion   

o   2


        Built-in Monitor Display 

o   17.3 HD TFT LED backlit, 1920x1080 pix


        Built-in Intercom & Tally

o   N/A


        Streaming Video Encode

o   H.264 / AVC, Main/ High Profile

o   Configurable Bit-rate up to 10Mbps


        Streaming Audio Encode

o   AAC-LC

o   Configurable bit rate range from 32Kbps to 384Kbps

o   Sample rate: 48KHz, 16bit


        Streaming Protocol         

o   TS over TCP/UDP (unicast & multicast)

o   RTSP over HTTP/TCP/UDP (RTSP Elementary Streaming)

o   RTMP/RTMPS (Publish)


        Streaming Control           

o   Web browser UI for configuration and control Socket commands


        Recording File System    

o   FAT, exFAT, NTFS


        Recording File Format    

o   MP4


        Recording Setting Control            

o   Web UI for system configuration and control


        Special Features

o   4 Chroma-Key Virtual Studio

o   9 stinger transition and 4 user preset

o   Built in TC-200 CG interface

o   Streaming encoder and recorder

o   12x9 matrix seamless switch


        Dimension (LxWxH)         

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