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iCast 10NDI

iCast 10NDI
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Produce Hybrid Events Using an All-in-one Switcher

iCAST 10NDI is a new and innovative live production equipment that houses a switcher, camera controller and streaming encoder in one box. A variety of inputs can be connected to iCAST 10NDI to allow you to create an eye catching presentation with different video sources, such as PTZ and document cameras, and a laptop for  your presentation slides.


Using the built-in streaming encoder and recorder. You can easily live stream to multiple platforms and record your show to an SD card. Six video channels can be ISO recorded at the same time in order to provide you with more program materials for post production.


iCAST 10NDI is definitely a highly efficient and easy-to-use solution for video streaming and recording.

iCAST 10NDI: 6 Main Features

Seamless switching


Multichannel audio mixing


Video Streaming


Multi-Camera Video Recording


Character Generation


System Control


Multiple video input interfaces

iCAST 10NDI has five video inputs with one SDI/HDMI selectable port, three HDMI only ports and one USB 3.0 port. iCAST 10NDI accepts videos from various professional cameras, laptops and document cameras.


You can also receive IP videos via an RJ-45 port. IP videos are streamed using RTMP(S) or SRT protocol. With a variety of video interfaces, you no longer need to worry about compatibility of different video devices.


Dual Multiview Modes

iCAST 10NDI provides an intuitive preview of your output sources. You can view them either horizontally or vertically (a new technology for viewing videos on mobile devices) and preview these mode changes on a Multiview screen.



Multiple PGM Modes

In addition to displaying a full screen view of the program out video, you can also stream the four input videos live to your audience.


The iCAST 10NDI offers five Multiview layouts to allow you to show your input videos all at the same time. The videos can be streamed to all corners of the world and your audience can, with zero delay, participate in your events using a receiver/decoder, personal mobile device, or a computer.

Stream OUT

You no longer need multiple devices to stream your video to multiple platforms. This is now achievable with one iCAST 10NDI.


iCAST 10NDI supports NDI | HX input and output. Another alternative to broadcast a quality low latency video transmission.


Decode up to 3 NDI channels

One Ethernet Cable with NDI® | HX Technology


There is no need for multiple cables and complicated setup. Single-wire concept helps you to decode video and audio over only one Ethernet cable for live video switching.


NDI® is a registered trademark of Newtek, Inc.


Vertical streaming appropriate for video playback on social media

Of all videos streamed, up to 50% of the videos are viewed on mobile devices and 94% of the mobile users hold the phone vertically to view the video. iCAST 10NDI provides vertical streaming which can be generated with only a few basic settings.


Supporting SRT protocol so that iCAST 10NDI works well even when you have low bandwidth.

Video latency often results when there is insufficient network bandwidth. iCAST-10 supports SRT protocol which mitigates packet loss when the network becomes unstable. Sometimes RTMP may give you stuttering viewing experience but SRT will solve your problem.

Add dvCloud to enhance your streaming experience

dvCloud, a paid service, is a professional streaming platform developed by Datavideo. Once you've logged in, you can manage all the streaming channels that you have created. You can stream your video to at most 25 platforms at the same time without any time limit while backing up the video on the cloud automatically for future downloads. iCAST 10NDI, SRT and dvCloud form a low latency, secure and reliable streaming workflow.

Recording: Easy-to-read LED indicator

A protruding frame like LED indicator allows you to easily see its color. A red indicator means that the video is being recorded and a green indicator appears when the record function enters standby mode.


The 2" LCD screen on iCAST 10NDI allows you to view the record status of all video channels.


ISO recording of five video inputs and one main program output

ISO recording refers to the ability to create isolated recordings of your five camera inputs and one PGM output for video backup and adding visual effects during post production. ISO recording allows you to save your data locally or on a file server.

H.264 Encoding to back up HD videos

A built-in professional recorder records using H.264 video encoding with configurable resolution, frame rate, video bitrate, etc.

Recording Resolution

Supports up to Full HD 1080p50/60 broadcast record quality with a low file size so it is often used for long time recording. Even with a high data compression ratio, fine details of the image can still be retained as well as high recoverable color information.

Multi-Channel Audio Mixing and Audio-to-Video Synchronization

In addition to embedded audio, we have also provided input ports for external audio such as XLR port for connecting microphones, and RCA terminals for audio players.


The Web audio, the most popular audio source, is another external audio source. You can easily perform professional audio mixing with iCAST 10NDI and at the same time switch between AES and EBU modes so that your output audio will always be compatible with various audio systems in different countries without issues such as unstable audio volume and the audio and video out of sync error.

A Variety of Audio Input and Output Ports

XLR and stereo RCA ports for external analog audio and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio monitoring.

Audio Delay

iCAST 10NDI is capable of independently delaying each audio channel by adjusting the delay time in order to eliminate the audio and video out of sync error.

Character Generation

iCAST 10NDI allows you to add graphic elements such as logos, titles, text, and images to any input video channels or the program output. You can add course chapters text or workflow diagram images to your program.

Custom real-time captions and subtitles for your  programs such as news broadcast.

Transcribe audio by entering subtitles line by line using News CG then play subtitles in real time by simply tapping the space bar on the keyboard.

Adjust the size, position, color and borders

Highlight the information that you wish to convey to your audience. You can also transcribe audio by entering subtitles line by line using News CG after which you will be able to play subtitles in real time by simply tapping the space bar on the keyboard controller.

Multiple Control Protocols

iCAST 10NDI supports multiple control methods which are DVIP, RS-232, Web UI and the LCD screen. The LCD screen can be found on the front panel of the device. DVIP is a control protocol developed by Datavideo for controlling peripheral devices such as cameras, switchers and recorders, allowing you to create a complete video production environment.


Web UI and Touch Panel Controller

Connect TPC-700, an external touch panel controller, via DVIP to gain access to an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface.


The iCAST 10NDI APP is installed on the TPC-700 touch panel controller along with many frequently used control settings. The responsive touch panel allows you to easily switch between different control modes, adds versatility to video production and reduces operation complexity.



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