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Kiloview Recorder System

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Kiloview Recorder System
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Manufacturer's Part Number: RECORDER

KILOVIEW NDI Recorder is an independent recording system to ensure ALL your NDI sources are recorded separately in synchronization status.   You can simply record any Full NDI/NDI|HX resources in 4K/HD resolution at your choice.   This is the most reliable NDI recording system.   The only limitation of the max number of sources recorded is the CPU, bandwidth, disk spaces, and writing speed.



Auto-discovery of NDI sources in the same network, or any NDI sources in other networks by NDI Discovery Server.  Recording file in the format of .mov, with fixed-size or fixed length, locally by SSD or Thunderbolt or NAS. KILOVIEW NDI Recorder supports self-defined NTP Server to make sure all the NDI sources recorded in Synchronization status    Simply one-click synchronization if NDI sources coming from KILOVIEW devices. 1/4/9/16/20 multiview layouts are available for your choice. You can display/hide preview image/VU meter.  Simply drag the automatically detected sources into the multi-screen layout. Preview, and click to record.  Customizable overlays for each window: Audio levels, Tally status, Current Bitrate, Synchronization Status, Source Names. System Safety: The KILOVIEW NDI Recording system is an independent recording system that does NOT rely on any other software. We guarantee your videos are recorded continuously, correctly, completely, and independently.  Recording Quality Safety: Once a file gets full, the recorder will record the next file automatically right away. No worries about losing frames.    Operation Safety: To avoid mis operation and missing valuable recording sources, the system will be LOCKED during recording. Once locked, the system needs DOUBLE confirmation to unlock and pause.


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