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LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt 2 - 12TB Free Shipping!

LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt 2 - 12TB

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Mfr PN: STEY12000400
Our PN: LACN5190425
Manufacturer: LaCie
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.

List Price:$739.00

You Save: $40.05 (5%)


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Quick Overview

LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt 2 - 12TB



Manufacturer Part Number: STEY12000400

  • Shocking speeds up to 420MB/s*
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for 4K workflows
  • Innovative design with RAID for reliability
  • USB 3.0 for PC and Mac compatibility

With the redesigned 2big, instead of aiming for incremental, LaCie shot for revolutionary. Its all-new industrial design demolishes the status quo and sets a new standard for versatility and reliability. The LaCie 2big also features unbeatable Thunderbolt 2 technology and hardware RAID for sensational performance.

Thunderbolt 2 Speeds for the 4K Era
With Thunderbolt 2 technology, the interface is no longer the performance bottleneck. For the 2big, LaCie harnessed the breakthrough performance potential of the Thunderbolt 2 I/O, squeezing the absolute best speeds out of the hard disks. Add a hardware RAID controller and 7200RPM disks and the result is incredible, sustained speeds of up to 420MB/s that turbocharge file transfers and backups.

With this kind of speed, videographers can edit multiple 2K uncompressed 10-bit streams or play back compressed 4K video. Digital photographers can browse a massive RAW photo library with zero lag. And, thanks to support for DisplayPort 1.2, its now possible to daisy chain higher-resolution displays such as 4K monitors.

Versatility for Pro Environments
With USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 interfaces, the LaCie 2big gets the best possible speeds on any late-model PC or Mac. And, USB 3.0 backward compatibility means that you can connect the LaCie 2big to any standard computer. With support for exFAT and built-in hardware RAID, you can seamlessly connect to both PC and Mac computers without losing your RAID configuration. Whatever your workstation, move mountains of data fast.

Thunderbolt 2 continues to support daisy chaining of up to six devices to a computer via a single cable (included in the box). This means that professionals can daisy chain up to five LaCie 2bigs plus a 4K display to a computer, bringing capacity, incredible speed, and convenience. Thunderbolt 2 is also backward compatible and uses the same cables and connectors as first-generation Thunderbolt** devices and computers.

RAID for Speed or Security
In addition to compatibility with any computer, hardware RAID delivers sustained performance and better reliability. The LaCie 2bigs range of RAID modes also gives you the flexibility to tailor the product to meet your needs. Its incredibly easy to change the RAID mode, but impossible to do so accidently. You can leave it in RAID 0*** (FAST) mode to maximize speed and capacity for working on current projects, and then move completed projects to archival storage incredibly quickly. Or configure the LaCie 2big in RAID 1 or Mirroring (SAFE) mode, which provides data protection if one disk fails. And thanks to hot-swappable disks, you can simply replace a disk from the front with zero data loss and no work interruption. Even in RAID 1, impressive transfer speeds slash the time it takes to perform backups, making it easier to back up more frequently. The LaCie 2big even features JBOD, so you can see and use each disk independently.

Innovative Design, Breakthrough Usability
When reengineering the industrial design of the 2big from the ground up, LaCie relentlessly focused on usability for professionals.

Power-Saving Mode - Save energy by pressing the power button to spin down disks without interrupting daisy chain transfers. Press and hold the button to shut down the product completely.

Front-Accessible Disks and Disk Status LEDs - Conveniently and quickly remove and replace disks from the front of the product. Keep track of disk health and RAID build status with the front-facing disk status LEDs.

Redesigned Heat Dissipation System - The cooling system more effectively diverts heat from components, ensuring long-term reliability. The fan pulls cool air through an unobstructed path from the front to the back. And the rear exhaust area size is 500% larger, allowing hot air to escape much faster.

Integrated Cable Lock - Prevent accidentally disconnected interface or power cables without compromising the look and design of the product.

Effective, Whisper-Quiet Noctua Fan - Work in silence thanks to the ultra-quiet, thermoregulated Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX fan. Not only does it turn on and off and at different speeds according to temperature, it also features extra-large blades, located at the rear of the enclosure. As a result, the fan produces an almost imperceptible amount of noise.

Wider and More Stable - Thanks to a wider footprint but 10% more compact design compared to the previous generation of LaCie 2big?, the new LaCie 2big is less likely to tip and is even easier to stack.

Packed with Value for Pros
With a bundled professional backup software suite and compatibility with Time Machine and Windows Backup, the LaCie 2big includes everything you need for secure backup. And with email alerts, busy professionals can monitor their storage before potential problems escalate. This product also includes LaCie Private-Public software, which lets you prevent unauthorized access by password-protecting volumes with AES 256-bit encryption.


  • Internal Storage Media : 2 x hot-swappable* 7200RPM/64MB cache (or greater) hard disks
  • Interface :
    • 2 x Thunderbolt 2 ports
    • 1 x USB 3.0 port (UAS and USB 2.0** compatible)
  • Interface Transfer Rate :
    • Thunderbolt 2: 20Gb/s
    • USB 3.0: 5Gb/s
  • Performance Benchmark :
    • Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0: Reads | Writes (MB/s)***
      • 6TB/8TB RAID 0: 360 | 360
      • 6TB/8TB RAID 1: 170 | 180
      • 12TB RAID 0: 420 | 320
      • 12TB RAID 1: 205 | 200
  • Interface Technology : Bidirectional 20Gb/s permits a high-resolution display and RAW 4K video playback
  • Power-Saving Mode : Reduce power consumption by pressing the front button to spin down disks without disrupting daisy chain transfers (short press initiates power-saving mode; long press turns product off completely)
  • RAID Modes :
    • Preconfigured HFS+ RAID 0
    • Hardware RAID 0 (FAST) / 1 (SAFE) / JBOD
    • Easy RAID selection button
  • Daisy Chain : Connect up to six Thunderbolt-compatible devices including Thunderbolt 2 and LaCie Thunderbolt Series products to a computer via a single Thunderbolt cable**
  • Security :
    • AES 256-bit software encryption
    • Kensington lock compatible
    • Integrated cable lock
  • Cooling :
    • Aluminum enclosure with improved internal heat dissipation
    • Thermoregulated Noctua cooling fan: effective and whisper-quiet cooling
  • Additional Features : System monitoring and email alerts for failure and warning events Front-facing disk status LEDs
  • Acoustic :
    • Idle mode: 25dB
    • Operating mode: 26dB
    • Operating max: 28dB^
  • Power Supply : 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 60W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 109 x 217 x 130 mm | 4.3 x 8.5 x 5.1 in.
  • Weight : 3 kg | 6.6 lbs
  • Software :
    • Intego Backup Manager Pro for Mac
    • Genie Backup Manager Pro for PC
    • LaCie Private-Public (protect data with AES 256-bit encryption)
    • LaCie Desktop Manager (provides system monitoring and email alerts for temperature or RAID events)
    • Download product software at

Included Items

  • LaCie 2big
  • External power supply
  • USB 3.0 cable (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Thunderbolt cable
  • Removable access panel
  • RAID selection tool
  • CD with User Manual and software
  • Quick Install Guide


  • Computer with a Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt**, or USB 2.0** port
  • Thunderbolt 2: Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • USB 3.0: Windows XP^^, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Minimum free disk space: 600MB recommended

Comments :

* Hot swapping will result in data loss in a RAID 0 array.
** To achieve full interface bandwidth, connect the product to either a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt 2 port on a computer or device.
*** These transfer rates were achieved using AJA System Test when connected to a 13in Macbook Pro with a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM. Actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as RAID mode, RAID configuration, and disk capacity.
^ These measurements have been made under normal conditions, one meter/three feet from the front of the product. This value may vary with conditions and product configuration.
^^ Windows XP 32-bit does not support volumes with capacities exceeding 2TB.

When referring to drive capacity, one gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB, equals one thousand billion bytes. Your computers operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage.


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