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LifePowr A2L Battery Pack

Home Backup Power Supplies (UPS) LIFEPOWR LifePowr A2L Battery Pack
LifePowr A2L Battery Pack
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LifePowr (previously Lifepower) is all about making you mobile. Whether you want to charge your laptop on your daily commute, or need to power a fridge while camping; the LifePowr A2 L makes it all happen.

Compact and Lightweight, yet extremely powerful
Weighing only 1.75lb with dimensions of 6"x 6" the A2 L is extremely portable.
Take your LifePowr A2 L anywhere to power or charge a wide range of applications such as:
  • Laptops & MacBooks (Pro)
  • Tablet computers & iPads 
  • CPAPs
  • Android or iPhones
  • Drones
  • Camera batteries
  • Lights
  • Sound systems

Engineered for Performance
The first generation of the A2 was developed after a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015. 
It was the very first powerbank in the world, with a full functional 120V AC outlet. On top of that it had a maximum output of 120Watt, which is to this day the most powerful you can get.

The LifePowr A2 L is the second generation of the family. There have been made improvements in capacity, efficiency and overall performance.
It packs a whopping 27'000mAh with a conversion efficiency of 90%. 
Only the best is good enough

Rugged Housing, Smooth Design
The A2 L is designed for a life on-the-go. The brushed aluminum housing protects the components from every mishap while giving the A2 L an elegant look.

Across the globe
Allowed as carry-on baggage by the TSA, the LifePowr A2 L is the essential powerbank for travellers.
Recharging is easy, only 3 hours with the included adapter. It also can be charged with LifePowr portable solar panels for a total off-grid trip.

The Powerbank to rely on
Only the best components are used to make sure the A2 L will not let you down. 
Whether it's being used every day, or tucked away for emergencies, the LifePowr A2 L has got you covered.
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