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Lightmap Limited HDR Light Studio

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HDR Light Studio A lighting tool for 3D artists
Lightmap Limited
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Manufacturer Part Number: HDRLS_FL_SUBS


HDR Light Studio provides a fast and precise way to light a 3D model. The lighting design is saved as a high dynamic range, high resolution image that can be used in any renderer with predictable results.

Load a 3D scene into HDR Light Studio and drag and drop preset lights onto the render view the HDRI map and render view update instantly with the new light in the correct location. No more trial and error or guessing where to put your

HDR Light Studio comes with hundreds of light sources, including HDRI captures of softboxes and spotlights. For more creative control import your own imagery and add it to the HDRI map with a choice of 3 projections 3D, Planar or Spherical. HDR Light Studio connects with 3D apps - see the HDR lighting evolve in your 3D renderer as you work. Connections are purchased separately as addons to your main HDR Light Studio license.

Use HDR Light Studio to:

  • Quickly create custom HDRI maps a faster alternative than multiple CG lights or emitters
  • Easily create complex lighting and reflections for object like products, jewelry and cars
  • Create professional studio lighting environments with real studio light source captures
  • Enhance existing HDRI maps to bring out the best in the subject, whilst maintaining the character and details from the original HDRI map
  • Build plausible lighting environments for CG objects placed onto backplate imagery

There are over 80 new features in version 5, including:

  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Drag and Drop preset lights directly onto the 3D model
  • Render View updates instantly with lighting changes, no re-render required
  • Load your own images as lighting content LDR or HDR
  • Supports Alembic 3D format
  • Supports FBX (windows only)
  • Fast multi-threaded rendering of production HDRI maps
  • 100 times more precision for light positions and size (than v4)
  • Resizable HDR canvas with panning and zooming for precise light placement
  • Secondary alpha channel control on lights, via a gradient or image content
  • 3D, planar and spherical content mappings
  • OpenColorIO - Color management throughout
  • Simplified licensing and purchasing process
  • HDR Light Studio is already used world-wide by thousands of 3D artists producing high end advertising imagery, design visualizations and VFX/animation.


Secondary License (for Home/Laptop)
HDR Light Studio 4 allowed node locked customers to install the product on a work computer and a home/laptop computer. However, this features has been removed for HDR Light Studio 5. For HDR Light Studio 5 a purchase of one license key will license one computer only. Licenses can be transferred once per year.

Two License Models

1. Annual Subscription licenses
Annual Subscription gives customers access to the software at a lower price. Customers on subscription will receive a license to run the software for a year with access to all software updates within the subscription period. When the subscription expires customers can choose to renew it for another year or stop using the software. (Monthly subscriptions will not be available).

2. Permanent licenses
Some customers prefer to buy their software. For those customers we offer permanent licenses of the software. A permanent license will not expire. It will license the current version of the software on the purchase date and any future releases up to 90 days after the purchase date. Permanent licenses cannot be upgraded when a new release becomes available. If you wish to benefit from our program of continuous development, youll need to buy a subscription.

Supported Connections
On launch we will be selling plug-in connections to 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave3D, MODO and VRED. Support for Bunkspeed, Maxwell Studio, DeltaGen, Houdini and Rhino 3D will come later.

There are no upgrades to HDR Light Studio 5.


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