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Lightning LTNG-XQ-8-RMMP-B Mac Pro

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We have expanded our product offerings beyond the popular LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP to add five new models!
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Manufacturer Part Number: LTNG-XQ-8-RMMP

The new LTNG-XQ-RMMP and LTNG-XQ-8-RMMP are identical to the award-winning LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP but are specifically for rack mount installations and come with all hardware required for easy rack installations as well as easier servicing once installed in a rack cabinet, fixed or mobile.

The new RMMP' models use adjustable-depth rack mounting slides which securely support the product and once installed, allow a user to easily slide the unit out of the cabinet until the entire chassis is forward of the cabinet and remains fully supported. This allows for easier removal of the top cover (which is installed or removed with just two thumbscrews and takes 30 seconds) for servicing any interior components, making new connections to the installed MacPro, or removing/installing different PCIe cards in the Thundebolt-PCIe card section, which is available immediately after sliding off the top cover.

The model is available with or without the 8-bay disk ready RAID storage subsystem. The LTNG-XQ-8-RMMP includes the eight 2.5' hot-swap disk drive bays and also includes an ATTO ExpressSAS 6Gb RAID controller, installed and tested. The LTNG-XQ-RMMP does not include the disk drive bays or RAID controller and is a cost-saving version for those who dont need the mass storage subsystem.

The all-new-for-2016 LTNG-XQ-3-DTMP or RMMP models are identical but feature a 3-bay disk-ready RAID subsystem for 3.5' rotating disk drives (7200, 10K or 15K rpm) instead of the 8-bay 2.5' drive subsystem. This is ideal for those already having 3.5' drives theyd like to use, or those requiring up to 30TB (native capacity) storage in the same box as the MacPro and the other features provided.

All the JMR Lightning Thunderbolt models for MacPro include the following features:

Easy carriage' installation of your MacPro computer (takes less than five minutes)

FOUR PCIe expansion slots (Thunderbolt connected to the Mac), all x16 physically, connected to TWO of the three available MacPro Thunderbolt I-O buses this allows two separate 20 Gb/s Thunderbolt bridge connections for greater bandwidth than any product using just one Thunderbolt connection

Built-in 460W power supply (powers only the PCIe cards and disk drives)

Boost cooling for the MacPro provided by 120mm quiet cooling fan directly behind the Mac

Boost cooling for the disk drives and installed PCIe cards provided by dual quiet fans behind the drives

Front or rear panel I-O panel providing GbE; HDMI; USB3; audio ports (same panel can mount to front or rear panel, all hardware and cabling provided as a subassembly and factory installed)

Remote ON-OFF power switch for the MacPro, right on the front panel this is not an AC power line break, its a mechanism that utilizes the original Mac on/off power switch, but remotes it to the front

The -3 and -8 models include disk-ready RAID storage subsystems (SAS/SATA-3, 6 Gbps) and installed ATTO ExpressSAS RAID controller, prewired, configured and tested (the RAID card occupies one PCIe slot)

The DTMP' models include desktop/deskside tower' attached feet and handles for easy, non-tip operation and carriage

The RMMP' models include adjustable rack mount slides, nothing extra to buy

Products are Thunderbolt Certified and 100% Mac compatible

All Made in U.S.A.


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