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LiveU Solo Pro HDMI

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LiveU Solo Pro HDMI
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Deliver an outstanding live video experience.

The LiveU Solo family of video encoders offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera to popular online platforms and any web destination. Enjoy superior live video quality and reliability with up to 4K resolution and bonded 4G/5G streaming.

5 top reasons to use the LiveU Solo live streaming solution

Start streaming within seconds

just plug in your camera and go live at the push of a button. No need for a large crew or technical streaming expertise.

Deliver rock-solid reliable videos

by combining the bandwidths of up to six IP connections.

Stream live from anywhere

including remote locations or in congested network environments, such as crowded venues.

Easily select your online destination

go live on all popular online services and platforms.

Stream like a pro for an affordable price

Streaming equipment, starting as low as 995 USD.


Solo PRO: Future-proof your live streams

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your live streams deliver the ultimate quality. LiveU's next-gen Solo PRO portable bonding encoder offers professional-grade 4K and HEVC video quality with rock-solid reliability.

Don’t risk losing your stream over a poor internet connection

LiveU Solo uses the same bonding technology deployed by global broadcasters – LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™). This allows you to combine multiple IP connections (cellular, WiFi and Ethernet), ensuring bandwidth consistency across the most challenging cellular networks. LiveU's patented technology is optimized for video performance, enabling you to deliver rock-solid video streams from anywhere.

Our live streaming partners

The LiveU Solo streaming device allows you to stream directly to any leading social platform or webpage. Just connect LiveU Solo to your camera, video switcher or any other video source, log into the web-based Solo portal to select your destination and go live!

Bonding Interfaces

Up to 6

4 x USB;

1 x Ethernet; 1 x WiFi


Video Interface(s)



Max Resolution


5G Support


Max. Bitrate   



Video Encoder



Internal Battery

LithiumIon/Min. 3 hours


External Battery




912g(2 lbs)


Dimensions (WxHxD)

112.5mmx 203mm x 54.5mm


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