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Lumantek ez-Caster

Home Video Encoder Hardware Lumantek ez-Caster EN3 Ultra-Low Latency HD Encoder
Mpeg2/H.264 HD Encoder - TS Over IP/ ATSC RF out
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Encoder over IP Network

Connect to a maximum of 8 video signals and distribute over IP based network. aThe ez-Caster EN8 provides excellent quality and low network bandwidth. Turn your HDMI video streams into online videos using video management software.

H.264 Real Time Encoding

Your 8 video sources will be encoded into H.264 (MPEG4), so you can make the videos light to upload on the net.

TS over IP

Send out video signals in IP network! Stream videos to set-top boxes, computers, laptops, mobile, and more!

Control through LAN or USB

LUMANTEK's ez-Caster EN8 comes with a light software to manage the encoded videos. Connect the encoder to your PC to gain control of the video network.

Increasing IP Demand

IP streaming (UDP) is getting popular nowadays. ez-Caster EN8 provides up to 8 HDMI input channels for you to send out H.264 encoded videos to the network. Also, you can easily control with software from a PC connected by USB or Ethernet.

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