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Macro Panel - Additional Software License Free Shipping!

Our PN: YOUN0290062
Manufacturer: Young Monkey
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.


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Quick Overview

Additional software license for owners of Micro Panel.



Manufacturer Part Number: MICROPANEL_TC_LIC

The Macro Panel is a fully customizable USB hardware panel that adds complex control of hundreds of functions with single keypresses, providing macros for the TriCaster and VT. Do things you only dreamed about until now. It will revolutionize the way you do video production, and introduces exciting new functionality and ease of use for operators.


  • USB interface with no driver installation required
  • Playlist Editor can create playlists on computers with/without a TriCaster or VT, and can save playlists over a network.
  • Time based macros provide immediate and/or upto one hour delay of actions being triggered
  • Current macro display within the Player module's user interface
  • Auto Start automatically opens the plugin on startup
  • Hidden mode hides the user interface
  • External Control Link: Camera Controller, Instant Replay

Dreams Become Reality

Gone are the days of fumbling around a mouse driven interface and accidentally triggering actions you didn't intend. No more missed cues - the result of insufficient time to access functions. No longer is it necessary to memorize multi-step actions needed for creating your favorite production effects. No more unreliable or cryptic keyboard shortcuts. And no more stressful training sessions when you need to call in extra help at the last minute.

Imagine being able to synchronize complex, time-sensitive procedures involving input switching, transitioning, audio mixing, video clip and sound effect loading, overlay selection, and even camera positioning... all simultaneously... and all triggered by a single keypress. It's no longer just a dream... and no longer has to cost tens of thousands of dollars... Macro Panel is finally here!

Whether you run a one man show or are part of a full production team, you never seem to have enough hands to do all that needs to be done - particularly when live broadcasting. Macro Panel can be used as a standalone control interface, or operated simultaneously with other accessories (mouse, keyboard, LC-11, TimeWarp). It can control just about every function of the TriCaster and VT, including some extras that can't be achieved any other way. It can even communicate with other plugins and devices. So, whether you need more hands to assist, or have more hands than places to put them, your productions are now able to become a lot less nerve-racking, and a lot more productive.

Default Configuration

Out of the box, the panel comes preconfigured to get you started right away with basic controls for video switching - similar to the LC-11. In addition, immediate access to functions for LiveSet, LiveMatte, and scope/waveform monitoring are provided. As an added bonus, independent speed controls for transitions and overlay fades are included along with other related functions.

The default layout also includes direct controls for input configuration and external source selection - allowing you to simulate additional video inputs. For example, the TriCaster Studio with 6 video inputs, can act like a 15 input system by using both SVideo and BNC connections, along with three iVGA sources.

An External Control Link allows communication with outside applications. The following applications are compatible:

  • Camera Controller provides remote control of pan/tilt robotic video cameras/heads. ()
  • Instant Replay adds one-click instant replays to event broadcasts. It doesn't get easier than this! ()

Basic controls for these plugins are also included on the default configuration.

But it doesn't stop there.

What else can it do?

Anything you can imagine. Just about everything you can do manually on the TriCaster and VT with one or more mouse clicks, or by navigating through numerous tabs and settings, can be defined as a macro and triggered with a single keypress. It can even accomplish time-sensitive and precision setting procedures that can not be done manually because you can't move the mouse fast enough or don't have accurate control of the values. Whatever your needs are... the panel can be customized to suit your specific requirements. And you're not limited to the physical number of keys on the panel, although there are plenty of them, as the entire panel can be remapped at the press of a key, too.

The possibilities are endless. Discounted product bundles are offered, and additional software licenses are also available to share use of one panel with multiple TriCaster and VT systems.

Note that Macro Panel does NOT make use of unreliable keyboard shortcut simulation to control modules. It directly controls the modules to ensure reliability.


MP84: 84-Key Panel


  • TriCaster support:
    • Control of 417 functions/parameters!
    • Audio Mixer: Main (Mute/Volume/Pan), Headphones (Mute/Volume), Channels (EQ/Pan/Volume/Mute)
    • DDR/Picture: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open/New/Add, Skip To Clip, Remove Selected, Playback Mode, Cue In+Out
    • Edit Media: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open
    • External: Application, Source
    • Input Setup: Type (Composite/Component/SVideo), LiveMatte (Enable, Tolerance, Smooth, Edge, Spill, Garbage Matte), LiveSet (Enable, Scene, Shot, Zoom), Proc Amp (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, U/V Offsets, U/V Gains)
    • Monitoring: Preview Mode (Video Preview/Waveform/Vectorscope), Quad Video
    • Record: Record, Stop, Chop, Pause, File, Source
    • Stream: Start/Stop
    • Switcher: Transition Select, Effects/Live/Preview, T-Bar (Position/Speed/Repeat/Reverse/Auto/Take/Auto+Speed), Overlay (Enable/Fade/Source/Fade+Speed/Select)
    • * Features vary depending on TriCaster version
  • VT support:
    • Control of 801 functions/parameters!
    • Audio Mixer: Aux (Send/Pre/Post/Return), Inputs (Mute, Volume, Pan, EQ), Outputs (Mute, PA Mix, Volume, Pan), Channels (EQ/Pan/Volume/Mute)
    • Capture: Record, Stop, Chop, Pause, File, Source
    • DDR: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open/New/Add, Skip To Clip, Remove Selected, Playback Mode, Cue In+Out
      Input Setup: LiveMatte (Enable, Tolerance, Smooth, Edge, Spill, Mask), LiveSet (Enable, Scene, Shot, Zoom), Proc Amp (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, U/V Offsets, U/V Gains)
    • Live Stream: Start/Stop
    • SpeedEDIT: Shuttle, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open
    • Switcher: Assign Input, Main/Preview/Key/Aux, T-Bar (Position/Speed/Repeat/Reverse/Auto/TakeAuto+Speed), DSK (Take/Fader/Fade/Source/Fade+Speed), Title Templates (Select)
    • VGA: Application, Source
    • Video Scope: Waveform/Vectorscope
    • * Features vary depending on VT version


  • VT (4/5) or TriCaster (Duo/Standard/Pro/ProFX/Studio/Broadcast)


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