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Dreaming of your own songs as chart hits? Do you constantlyhave new musical ideas that you'd like to make a reality as quickly and easilyas possible? Music Maker is exactly what you need. Combine sounds and loops,play software instruments and drag & drop to apply effects. It's simple.Embellish your songs with vocals or rap. Forget dry theory – just make music!

Combine sounds &loops

Creating your own songs has never been this easy – you don'teven need any previous experience. Combine sounds and loops from a vastselection of music genres using drag & drop functions.

Play and record

Once you've created a beat from sounds and loops, you canadd your own melodies, drum grooves or vocals. Play virtual instruments andrecord your own vocal parts. Connect a MIDI keyboard or microphone and getstarted.

Create your sound

Add unique touches to your music and easily drag & dropto apply effects to sounds, loops, instrumental melodies and vocals. That's it!Your song is now finished, in outstanding, chart level quality sound.


Making music is not rocket science – especially when youhave Music Maker by your side. Our Soundpools contain hundreds of thousands ofsounds and loops from all genres that you can easily drag & drop to combinein the way you want. Create beats with melodies you've recorded on softwareinstruments using mouse and standard or MIDI keyboard.

Massive sounds formore music

Soundpools & Soundpool Collections

Ultra-easy, ultra-fast: Build beats in seconds. A huge rangeof Soundpools from various music genres deliver unlimited sounds and loops foryou to use. Whether you want to make house, trap, EDM, '80s music or reggae,Music Maker has you covered. A Soundpool Collection includes severalSoundpools, while a Soundpool contains hundreds of sounds and loops. Loops areincluded for all possible instruments – with full melodies, plus both female andmale vocal passages and rap lines. These can all be easily combined using drag& drop functions, and it's easy to blend genres. And the best part: All thesounds fit perfectly together. Loops are available in 7 different pitches andcan be automatically adjusted to the pitch of samples that are already includedin the track. Compose songs without the need to read music or any experience inmusic theory. Depending on your Music Maker Edition, you can choose: 1Soundpool Collection and 1 Soundpool (Plus Edition) or 1 Soundpool Collectionand 3 Soundpools (Premium Edition).

Hit the right noteSoftware instruments

All you need is your mouse or a standard or MIDI keyboard torecord captivating melodies full of feeling for your tracks. Easily controlMusic Maker software instruments such as strings, bass, guitars, synthesizersand lots more. Give each and every song a characteristic flair. You can choose3 MAGIX instruments and 1 Tiny instrument for Music Maker Plus Edition or 6MAGIX instruments and 2 Tiny Instruments for Music Maker Premium Edition. Tiny instrumentsare various percussion instruments such as bongos, congas, shakers as well asclaps & snaps that are perfect for adding more character to your rhythms.

Jam in Live Pad Mode

The Live Pad mode in Music Maker lets you really feel thebeat – modify and remix your beats in a way that's similar to a live mix.Activate drums breaks and vocal parts on the 16 Pads and play completely newtracks using existing elements.

iZotope Ozone 8Elements

More bass. More boom. More dynamics. Finalize your mix withthe Mastering Wizard, Ozone maximizer and an impressive 8 band EQ. OzoneElements can be easily integrated into Music Maker via VST. Access a fuller,more powerful sound for radio and stream-ready masters in no time at all.

SOUND FORGE AudioStudio 12

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 stands for audio editing at thehighest level and is the perfect complement to Music Maker. Easily cut and editsounds, samples and audio tracks with professional studio effects and insertcrossfade for seamless transitions without pops or clicks. Produce your ownloops, which you can then use directly in Music Maker!


Music Maker enables you to record vocals, rap lines orinstruments in an uncomplicated way. Connect your mike, USB keyboard, a drumpad controller or a guitar and get started.


Get the most out of your music: Mix and master your trackson a professional level – even without any previous experience in production.Music Maker comes with several high-quality effects integrated for free intothe program. Drag & drop to easily apply these functions and you'll hear howthese sounds give your songs the ultimate final polish.

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