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Master Control 2.5 with NewTek TriCaster SD Module Free Shipping!

Our PN: YOUN0290077
Manufacturer: Young Monkey
Platform(s): Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.

List Price:$3,895.00

You Save: $45.00 (1%)


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Quick Overview

One Touch Does It All and Much More... It allows complex control of multiple devices simultaneously with a single keypress. Includes NewTek TriCaster : Module for Standard / Pro / Studio / Broadcast.



Manufacturer Part Number: MASTERCONTROL 2 TCSD

Master Control 2.5

One Touch Does It All and Much More... It allows complex control of multiple devices simultaneously with a single keypress. This base system does not include any modules. Modules can be purchased from Safe Harbor Computers or through the Master Control Add Ons Store.

Master Control is a modular, customizable tablet system for controlling devices and software of various kinds. It integrates our time proven technologies, relied upon by industry leaders, to provide complex macro based control of multiple devices simultaneously with the simplicity of single keypresses. Do things you only dreamed about until now. It revolutionizes workflow and introduces exciting new functionality and ease of use for operators.

What does it do for YOU?

  • Improves production quality
  • Increases productivity
  • Offers flexibility
  • Simplifies complex tasks
  • Makes the impossible possible
  • Shortens training time
  • Reduces costs

Highlighted 2.5 Features

  • *NEW* Connect input controllers and map controls to any functions of output modules
  • *NEW* Tool add-ons such as instant replay and scheduling for output modules
  • Redundant and/or independent control of two or more of the same module
  • Collaboration and control with multiple Master Control units
  • Simultaneous module control from multiple Master Control units
  • Enhanced macro and parameter editing
  • Map design tools
  • Wired ethernet (along with wireless)
  • Add-Ons Store

Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive - Intuitive touch based interface can be customized to your exact needs. Create and save multiple layouts tailored for different projects and producers.
  • Macros - Powerful step/time macros execute a series of complex steps with a single touch, timed exactly to your production's needs. Increase productivity and eliminate operator error by reducing complicated tasks to the touch of a single button. Control one or more modules all from the same macro.
  • Portable - The compact footprint of Master Control fits into any studio or location production. Wireless networking provides portability and additional flexibility.
  • Universal Control - Expandable design allows operators to customize Master Control to operate a myriad of devices and software. Choose only the modules you want and easily add new ones as they become available through the built-in add-on store.
  • Flexibility - Multiple Master Control units can operate together. Major tasks can be shared among multiple simultaneous operators. Get interactive with your projects by having one Master Control signal and control another.
  • Redundancy - Identically control two or more of the same module automatically.

Gone are the days of fumbling around mouse or clumsy keypad driven device interfaces and accidentally triggering actions you didn't intend. No more missed cues - the result of insufficient time to access functions. No longer is it necessary to memorize multi-step actions needed for creating your favorite production effects. No more unreliable or cryptic ctrl/alt/shift keyboard shortcuts. And no more stressful training sessions when you need to call in extra help at the last minute. What you see is what you get.

Imagine being able to synchronize complex, time-sensitive procedures involving input switching, transitioning, audio mixing, overlay selection, camera positioning, and more... all simultaneously... and all triggered by a single button press. It's no longer just a dream... it's Master Control!

Whether you run a one man show or are part of a full production team, you never seem to have enough hands to do all that needs to be done - particularly when live broadcasting. Master Control can be used as a standalone control interface, or operated simultaneously with other device accessories (mouse, keyboard, LC-11, TimeWarp). It can control most functions of supported devices including some extras that can't be achieved any other way. So, whether you need more hands to assist, or have more hands than places to put them, your productions are now able to become a lot less nerve-racking, and a lot more productive.

How it works
Master Control is a modular system - you buy only what you need. The base system can control itself, as well as other Master Control units. Modules can be are added to control other devices/software, and each module allows control of one of that particular device/software. You can also add additional hosts for a particular module, or modules, so that you can control more than one of the same device independently (even in the same macro). Or, you can also configure one or more devices to automatically act redundantly. Complex setups are also supported. For example, you could have three of a device all operating independently, with three more of that device providing redundancy of the first three. Modules and additional hosts can be purchased through the built-in Add-Ons Store.

'Getting Started' tutorials are provided for Master Control as well as individual modules. These get you going from the moment you open the box, explaining set-up, user interface, macro creation, button layouts, providing ideas for macros to implement, and module use. But, the real power is in the ability to customize macros to meet your specific needs. The built-in Macro Editor provides the ability to create your own sequences of controls, not for just one device, but for any combination of supported devices - all in the same macro. Quick Test makes it easy to test out individual controls, while Test allows you try out your in-progress macros without having to build full layouts first. After you've built one or more custom macros, the Design Mode lets you assign them to buttons with various style and labelling options.

What else can it do?
Anything you can imagine. Just about everything you can do manually on supported devices with one or more mouse clicks, or by navigating through numerous tabs and settings, panel interfaces, etc... all of this can be defined as a macro and triggered with a single keypress. It can even accomplish time-sensitive and precision setting procedures that can not be done manually because you can't move your hands fast enough or don't have accurate control of the parameter values. Whatever your needs are... Master Control can be customized to suit your specific requirements. And you're not limited to the number of defined control buttons on the macro interface, although there are plenty of them, as the entire panel or specific sections of it can be remapped at the press of a button, too. Smart buttons can even alter other buttons, or themselves, to provide related additional controls. So, buttons can easily be used for multiple purposes but still remain obvious in functions with the ability to relabel themselves.

More Features

  • Macros:
    • 105 fully customizable and remappable smart buttons
    • 15 smart buttons always accessible on all interface tabs
    • 5 programmable status displays
  • Button Editor: Style, Color, Font (Name/Style/Size/Color), Enable/Disable, Assign Macro, Control Tags
  • Button Map Tools: Copy, Delete, Swap
  • Macro Editor: Device, Unit, Control/Parameter selections with Quick Test, Time, Time-Shift, Step Up/Down, Add/Delete/Replace, Test
  • Internal Controls: Iteration (Repeat/Pause), Buttons (Color/Font/Label/Enable/Disable), Macro (Clear/Set), Open Map, Status (Set/Clear), Tabs (Select), Web Browser (URL)
  • Configuration: Design Mode, Mute, Logging; Maps (New/Open/Save/Save As), Hosts, Date/Time Settings
  • Web Browser: Standard web browser (Internet Explorer underlying technology)
  • Add-Ons Store: Purchase what you need, when you need it


Most Add-ons are available through Safe Harbor Computers.

  • Available Add-Ons
    • Blackmagic Design Videohub series
    • Extron Electronics MAV series (matrix switchers)
    • Knox Video Technologies RS series (matrix switchers)
    • NewTek 3Play: 425/820
    • NewTek LiveText
    • NewTek TriCaster: Standard/Pro/Studio/Broadcast
    • NewTek TriCaster XD: 40/300/450/455/850/855
    • Accessories
      • Deluxe Case with Keyboard
      • USB-RS232 Adaptor
  • Upcoming Add-Ons
    • NewTek TriCaster XD: 8000
    • Instant Replay
    • Camera Control: VISCA, AMX
    • MIDI Control Surfaces and Device Control
    • Projector Control
    • Sports Data: StatCrew, Pointstreak
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • NewTek VT
    • Media: MOS, ENPS, iNews
    • MORE...If you have a special control need, contact us - we want to hear about it


  • Device: Business class, multi-touch tablet manufactured by industry leader HP
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
  • Memory: 2GB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  • Internal storage: 64GB Solid State Drive
  • Dual Input: Multi-Touch (4 points) and Digital Pen with Handwriting recognition
  • Tablet components: 8.9in WSVGA wide touchscreen, Dual Cameras (Outward Facing 3 MP Camera, Inward Facing VGA Webcam), Stereo speakers (High Definition Audio), Microphone
  • Ports (Internal): SD Card Reader (SDHC, xD-Picture), USB 2.0, Combo Stereo Headphones + Microphone
  • Ports (Docking Cradle): 2 x USB 2.0, HDMI Out
  • Communications: 802.11 b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 3.0, *10/100Base-TX ethernet
  • Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Dimensions: 9.21 x 0.58 x 5.91 inches
  • Included: Docking Cradle, Digital Pen, Portfolio Case, AC Adaptor (100-240V Type B), *USB-Ethernet Adaptor
  • Warranty: 1 year

Master Control 2.5 Module: NewTek TriCaster SD (Standard/Pro/Studio/Broadcast)

NewTek TriCaster SD : Master Control 2.5 Module for TriCaster Standard, Pro, Studio or Broadcast.


  • Network IP based communication allows control from anywhere
  • Multiple host support: independent and/or redundant control
  • Simultaneous control from multiple Master Control units


  • Direct controls for input configuration and external source selection allow you to simulate additional video inputs. For example, the TriCaster Studio with 6 video inputs and an iVGA input, can act like a 15 input system by simultaneously using SVideo and BNC connections, along with three iVGA sources.


  • Audio Mixer: Main (Mute/Volume/Pan), Headphones (Mute/Volume), Channels (EQ/Pan/Volume/Mute)
  • DDR/Picture: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open/New/Add, Skip To Clip, Remove Selected, Playback Mode, Cue In+Out
  • Edit Media: Speed, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open
  • External: Application, Source
  • Input Setup: Type (Composite/Component/SVideo), LiveMatte (Enable, Tolerance, Smooth, Edge, Spill, Garbage Matte), LiveSet (Enable, Scene, Shot, Zoom),
  • Proc Amp (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, U/V Offsets, U/V Gains)
  • Monitoring: Preview Mode (Video Preview/Waveform/Vectorscope), Quad Video
  • Record: Record, Stop, Chop, Pause, File, Source
  • Stream: Start/Stop
  • Switcher: Transition Select, Effects/Live/Preview, T-Bar (Position/Speed/Repeat/Reverse/Auto/Take/Auto+Speed), Overlay(Enable /Fade / Source / Fade+Speed / Select)
  • Controls vary depending on TriCaster version


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