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MediaShout 6 Upgrade for Mac (from v1)

MediaShout 6 Upgrade for Mac (from v1)

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Our PN: MCON2000037
Manufacturer: MediaComplete
Platform(s): Mac

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: Usually ships in 1 business day.

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Product NamePrice
MediaShout 6 for Mac (Site) (Download)$469.00
MediaShout 6 for Mac (Site)$469.00


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Quick Overview

Upgrade from previous version



USB 3.0 version includes:
  • MediaShout installation file with the latest builds
  • Exclusive training video - Our team shows you how to create a script from beginning to end
  • Over 6Gb of some of our best media from our Media Store producers for FREE!
  • Best of all, its branded with our logo so you will always know what's on there.


Easily Insert Content
Quickly add song lyrics, liturgies, bible references, and more.

Multi-Page Content Organized in Cues
Lyrics and other content is organized in cues, making it simple to edit.

Inline Editor
Unlike other software you edit cues right in the main control window.

Multi-Media Support
Easily play videos, DVD's, MP3's, and even iTunes or WMP playlists.

Time Saving Tools
Tools include song use reporting, templates, volunteer mode, and announcement library.

Run Presentations Professionally
Send separate content to the main displays and stage monitors.

Share Content Through Dropbox
You can access, edit and share files in real-time.

First Class Support
We offer 7 day a week phone support. Call us, we will help.

What Makes MediaShout 6 Unique?

67 Versions of the Bible Included
While other church presentation software have a per version charge of up to $40, we include 67 versions of the Bible absolutely free. This can save you hundreds of dollars and provides flexibility during services.

Lyric Use Reporting Tool
This powerful tool allows you to easily generate exportable reports that show which songs were used during services for a given date range. The exported file can then be used to properly report your usage.

Built in Liturgy Manager
You can manage liturgy content now as easily as you can song lyrics or Bible verses. This special tool includes features to easily handle call and response text, as well as save them for reuse later.

Inline Editor Tool
No other church presentation software includes an inline editor. Now you can edit cues and slides from the preview window eliminating the need to open another window just to edit.

Customizable Viewers
Other software may only provide a single viewer window, but with MediaShout you can set up as many views as needed: display, main, stage, and preview views at the same time.

Dual Bibles Tool
After choosing the Bible reference you want to display, you can select two different versions that will automatically be shown side-by-side. This is great for teaching situations or for multi-lingual audiences.

Volunteer Mode
We offer a simplified interface that gives your volunteers control to run a presentation without access to edit settings or content. This removes the stress for the volunteer and the worship leader.

Cloud Sync with Dropbox
MediaShout is integrated with Dropbox. You can access, edit and share files with your media team over the web in real-time, all from with in MediaShout. Basic Dropbox accounts are free.


  • OS 10.9 or later
  • 2.5 GHz or higher processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Nvidia or AMD Video Card with 512 MB of dedicated Video RAM
  • 650 MB of hard drive space


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