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MimioStudio (5 Year License)

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MimioStudio (5 Year License)
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MimioStudio Licensing

Whether it’s every student in the class, everyclass in the school, or every school in the district, MimioStudio’s™ licensingmodels bring all the benefits of our award-winning software to every studentand teacher. MimioStudio software is integrated with all of our products andincludes a three-user license for MimioMobile™. And if your school already hashardware from another manufacturer, no problem—you can license MimioStudio foruse with that as well, and leverage your existing technology purchases.

One software platform for all of your classrooms simplifiesboth teaching and learning.

Imports existing course material from SMART, Promethean,PowerPoint, Word, Common File Format (*.iwb) and many more.

Unify on a single software solution, allowing teachers toshare their knowledge and maximize effectiveness. It also expedites trainingand simplifies tech support.

Quantity-based pricing is available for larger implementations.

Why Your Tech Coordinators Will Love It

Simplifies updates because all computers share the samesoftware.

Silent installation program to remotely update multiplecomputers across the network.

Reduces educator training time—they only have to learn oneprogram.

Can be installed on any computer running Mac, Windows, orLinux.

On-call tech support to quickly respond to questions.

Includes live support, a self-service knowledge base, onlinetraining, and reference materials.

Why Your Teachers Will Love It

Teachers can share, adapt, and reuse teaching materialsbetween classrooms or district-wide.

Legacy content is preserved! Teachers can import lessoncontent at the object level created in SMART, Promethean, Microsoft PowerPoint,and Common File Format.

Also imports from PDF and Microsoft Word.

The standardized software means teachers don’t have to learnadditional programs, even if they use different classrooms.

Students can use the home and student version to create andcomplete lessons both during class and at home.

Teachers can easily load the home and student version ontheir home computers for added convenience and flexibility.


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