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Our PN: STGN0290003
Manufacturer: Stagetools
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

List Price:$199.00

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Quick Overview

MovingPicture makes smooth pans and zooms on hi-res stills. It is available as a standalone app or plug-in for most popular nonlinear editing systems, on Macintosh and Windows.



Manufacturer Part Number: MOVINGPICTURE

Pans and Zooms from Hi-Res Stills

MovingPicture allows documentary and industrial filmmakers to pan and zoom on high resolution images (up to 8,000 by 8,000 pixels), ala 'Ken Burns.'

Rather than use an expensive and bulky motion-control rig or animation stand, often requiring expensive photographic prints, MovingPicture takes high-resolution scanned images and allows for perfectly repeatable pans and zoom moves on a desktop computer.

MovingPicture is very simple to use. The image appears on the screen. Dragging and sizing a framing box icon on top of this image changes the view, adding key frames onto the timeline.

Since you can preview the motion in real-time without any rendering, the design process is very rapid. All motion paths are smooth, splined, and tapered. Motion is field-rendered to sub-pixel accuracies, with full alpha channel support.

We offer two versions of MovingPicture: as a plug-in to a nonlinear editing system; and as a standalone program, called 'Producer' for creating QT or AVI digital movie files that can be used anywhere.

MovingPicture Features

  • Supports all industry-standard editors
  • Handles images up to 8,000 by 8,000 pixels
  • 32-bit full color sub-pixel rendering for smooth motion
  • Very easy to use
  • Real-time preview
  • Fast, high-quality output imagery
  • Alpha channel support
  • Transfer shows between Windows and Macintosh systems
  • Full 3D Camera motion for spins and skews
  • Moves on curved or straight paths
  • Complete control of ease-ins and outs
  • Motion blur
  • 16:9 aspect support
  • Many keyboard shortcuts
  • Image controls such as contrast and brightness
  • Automatic video-safe color adjustment
  • Automatic colored borders
  • Automatic picture rescaling
  • Multiple processor support for fast rendering
  • Timeline scrubbing
  • Works in PAL, NTSC, HD, and 24P
  • 32 levels of undo/redo
  • Full cut-and-paste of KeyFrames
  • Supports Windows 95/98//NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
  • Supports MacOS 7/8/9/X (32-bit only)

Additional Producer Features

  • Audio scratch track*
  • 64 images at a time with transitions (dissolves)
  • Batch rendering
  • Still-image output
  • Macromedia Flash Output*
  • Native DPS file output

* Windows version only

MovingPicture Plug-in

The MovingPicture Plug-in works from within most major nonlinear editing systems enabling you to create smooth moves directly from the editor's timeline. There are no huge movie files to import, and the moves can be instantly changed and saved with the show. The plug-in is available for $199 on the following editors:

  • After Effects (Win/Mac)
  • Avid (All Editors, Win/Mac)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Premiere (Win)

MovingPicture Producer

MovingPicture Producer is a standalone program that can easily create movie files from almost any computer. It does not require a host editor to run. This is particularly useful when your editor is not one we support, or when you wish to create shots on a different computer without tying up your costly editor.

You can quickly create AVI and QuickTime movie files using codecs you already have. The rendering option is priced at $199, but it is free if you have bought the plug-in version from Stagetools. (on the same computer).

Truly Cross Platform

Versions of MovingPicture are available for all popular platforms: Windows (2000, XP, Vista, or 7) 32 or 64 bit and Macintosh (OS 7 to OS X) 32-bit. You can even offline on one platform and online on another. People routinely offline on Macintosh Avid Media Composer 7's and seamlessly online to a Windows-based Symphony system.

Offline Editing

MovingPicture Producer can also be used as an offline means for working out moves on a separate computer, such as the producer's laptop. You can save the motion paths to a disk for easy import into any rendering version of MovingPicture, increasing productivity and freeing up the costly editing system. A non-rendering version is available at no charge.




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