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NDI|HX Upgrade for Sony Cameras

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NDI|HX Upgrade for Sony Cameras Coupon Code (Compatible Cameras: BRC-X400 | BRC-X401 | SRG-201M2 | SRG-HD1M2 | SRG-X120 | SRG-X400)
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NewTek applies software, computer, and network technologies to make advanced media creation and sharing accessible to millions – and fun, too!


Powerful currents have dramatically re-sculpted the production landscape: Inexpensive cameras with incredible features are everywhere, producing an explosion of valuable content. Storage media for content acquisition is faster and more affordable than ever, and economical high-quality file formats abound. Non-linear editing is quicker, cheaper and more fun than anyone could have imagined, and capabilities that formerly cost millions of dollars are now a few taps away on your mobile device.


NewTek believes in making media inherent to common IT environments. Many suppliers of media technology have adopted a strategy of picking and choosing certain IT technologies and trying to wedge them into their products. NewTek has taken a much different approach.


By developing Network Device Interface (NDI®) and then setting it free, NewTek has changed the paradigm- giving virtually everyone access to easy-to-use, high-quality video over IP. NDI® is a software standard that requires no special hardware of any kind. NDI® works with your existing software applications, computer platforms, and network infrastructure. The lightweight, low overhead implementation of NDI® makes it as simple as downloading an NDI® tool at no charge, and seeing live video moving across your network with Windows, Mac and Linux software applications.


NDI® represents the transport mechanism that NewTek has designed to permit all type of suppliers to work together. NDI® is easy for manufacturers of production components to develop compliant products. This has led to NDI® achieving the widest support of any IP protocol for media by far. There are now thousands of companies supporting NDI®, and millions of users incorporating it into their environments. Applications from gaming to broadcast are readily available. Developers build commercial applications without paying any royalties or licenses, while getting real-time media working and interoperating with the huge number of other NDI® applications.


NewTek provides an FPGA reference design and embedded SDK for use in IoT type devices, including converters, cameras and monitors at no charge, which enables companies to experiment, design and build products.


With thousands of suppliers of all types of software and hardware systems such as cameras and converters, ranging from Vizrt, Panasonic, Sony, Avid, EVS, and many more, you have a wide choice to find everything you need. Of course, because NDI® is so interoperable, you are not forced to discard everything you already have.


You have probably heard something about using Internet Protocol (IP) for live media production, but maybe you are not sure if it makes sense for you and how complicated it might be to use in your organization. Actually, IP has been in use for delivering media for some time. Just think about the streaming services you use.


IP has now become the last media standard, because IP has the capability to grow and scale in bandwidth, complexity, and installation type. If you build your media around IP, then you will never need a new standard again. This is not true of SDI or HDMI.

The challenge has been in how to get enough performance out of mainstream IT practices and infrastructures to make it practical and reliable enough to use for producing live video content. That challenge has been met with NDI®.


Of course live video is just part of the picture. The majority of what we all watch is still produced. Video acquisition and post-production are central to this, and both in dire need of similar disruption.


NDI® is a software-based standard for media over Internet Protocol (IP) that offers:

        Connectivity for networked media systems and devices

        Multiple source encoding of signals for viewing, hearing, mixing, recording, and editing

        Retention of visual quality, frame accuracy, and source synchronization


NDI® is not just an SDI cable replacement, it enhances workflows with new capabilities

        Usual video formats such as 3G and 4K UHD plus resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate independent encoding

        Floating point audio processing starting at 16 channels and scaling to virtually unlimited numbers

        16-bit video color computations for image precision and quality

        Support for- video, proxy, key, audio, control, tally, custom metadata, and precision time stamps

        Recording of NDI® sources without recompression limited only by disk and network speeds with time-stamp and time-based correction that provides multi-channel synchronization across inputs, systems, and locations to make editing fundamentally easier


NDI®, NDI® Tools, and NDI® Applications form a powerful combination to make creative imagination the only post-production limitation. Reducing the costs and complexities of editing media perfectly matches the need for collaboratively creating more content, more quickly, for more platforms, with less time and resources.


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NDI® technology enables identification of and communication between IP-based production components connected to the same local area network. Further, it facilitates interconnected production workflows by enabling encoding, transmission, and reception of multiple streams of high-quality, low-latency, frame-accurate video, audio, and data in real time by compatible networked components. Devices can include video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, and other commonly used production equipment- all through software, and across existing network infrastructures.


NDI® operates bi-directionally so every source is also a destination, and facilitates multiple streams across a shared network connection


·       Streamlined management of individual components means that any NDI® enabled system or device connected to the network is seen through IP

·       Extremely low latency permits sources to be synced and switched in real-time for live productions with only a single field of latency so no buffering is required

·       High-quality, resolution-independent video provides an image virtually as clean as if it were viewed directly in the camera

·       Implementations are able to include video access rights, grouping, and IP commands


NDI® uses minimal bandwidth for multi-source productions. GigE LANs are usable for small workflows, and only 10Gb connectivity is needed for robust and higher resolution ones


        NDI® operates most efficiently in a dedicated network with high bandwidth and high availability as this can make a significant impact on the speed of operations

        Networks that are architected to move NDI® video streams should be thought of as being primarily utilized for video

        Video transfer performance with NDI® is notably better if the network has been optimized for minimal jitter and latency

        Extremely efficient video packaging permits multiple streams to be stacked together even on a single Gigabit network

        Some production environments may require increased capacity based on the type and quantity of simultaneous NDI® video streams in specific workflows

        Typical NDI® stream rates:

       1080i = 100 Mbps, 1080p = 125Mbps, UHDp60 = 250 Mbps


NDI® uses a unique codec with the benefit of enabling transmission of multiple video streams across existing infrastructures

        NDI® achieves significantly better compression than many codecs that have been accepted for professional production video use

        NDI® is the first ever codec to provide multi-generational stability

        NDI® has a technical latency of 16 video scan lines, with typical implementations yielding one field of latency

        NDI® fully supports all resolutions, frame rates and video streams, with and without alpha channel. In practical terms, resolution and frame rates will be determined by the capabilities of endpoint devices. NDI® also supports integration with ASPEN, SMPTE 2022, SMPTE 2110, and other emerging standards.


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