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NewBlue EDIUS Effects

"NewBlue EDIUS Effects with the best 15 NewBlue filters for EDIUS 9 or X
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By using video effects you control the attention of yourviewers. With just a few mouse clicks, you intensify colors and contrasts andthereby moods, you create reflections and mirages. Or you retouch skinblemishes automatically if necessary - if there, as so often, was no time forputting make-up on before the interview. You can position a picture-in-pictureeffect freely in space, for example on the screen of a monitor.


Such versatile and useful effects and tools are rarely foundin a low-cost entry-level effects package. Together with NewBlue, we havecompiled the 15 best and most important effects and video filters for EDIUS andnamed the package EDIUS Effects.


EDIUS Effects includes the following NewBlue filter:


1.     Active Camera

2.     Image Mapper

3.     Reflection

4.     Tile

5.     Time Clock

6.     Viewfinder

7.     Auto Contrast

8.     Flash Remover Pro

9.     Lens Correction

10.  Skin Touch Up

11.  Frame Rate

12.  Old TV

13.  Tilt Shift

14.  RGB Shift

15.  Zoom Blur


01 Active Camera


You would like to bring dynamics into a rather staticrecording? With Active Camera you transform pictures from the tripod into thosefrom a jittery hand-held camera. You decide how much movement you want to get arealistic result.


If the script requires so, you can also simulate violentvibrations. Regardless whether you need a light shake or a severe earthquake:presets and fine adjustment options let you decide.

02 Image Mapper


A moving video image should be integrated into an existingscene in perspective? A typical picture-in-picture filter would be overwhelmedwith such a task. The Image Mapper filter goes far beyond that in itscapabilities and versatility.


You may  scale,compress and stretch the overlay video by positioning the four corners of theoverlay (4 corner pins) independently from each other. In this way the overlayvideo can be distorted in perspective and adapted to almost any desiredsurface. In addition, the edges of the overlay can be softened and the contrastand brightness can be perfectly  adaptedto the surrounding scene.

03 Reflection


Whether product or image film - certain settings, includingtitles, are even more impressive with the addition of mirroring effects. TheReflection filter offers all options for further customization. This makes itpossible to precisely determine the position, orientation and extent of themirroring, as well as transparency and course.

04 Tile


The Tile filter arranges your video sequence in a desiredgrid as "tiles". This can be used to create a moving background – forexample as a transition effect or as an animated background for the insertionof graphics or texts.


By using keyframes, the desired grid can be changeddynamically, up to an abstract mosaic effect of many small tiles. In addition,the tiles can be colored differently and their transparency changed. You willenjoy trying out the presets to discover the variety of design options.

05 Time Clock


Whenever it comes to illustrating the duration of a processor a countdown (in a wedding movie, for example, the hours to the wedding), theinsertion of a time clock is popular.


The effect filter Time Clock offers a large selection ofdifferent time clocks. For example, as a dot matrix display, as an LCD clock ordisplayed in handwriting. Display format, size, position and color can bedetermined freely. Should the display not start at 0, a desired starting timecan also be set.

06 Viewfinder


You would like to simulate the look of a surveillance cameraor the view through the viewfinder of a video camera? The effect filterViewfinder offers the matching overlays. Individual elements such as the RECORDindicator, battery level, counters or even the black-and-white display stillcommon with tube viewfinders can be activated individually or in combinationand give your video sequence the desired look.

07 Auto Contrast


No question, EDIUS has its own excellent tools toprofessionally adjust brightness, color and contrast and to control this viawaveformmonitor and vectorscope. Sometimes, however, it is important tocomplete a project within the shortest possible time if, for example, you wantto document an event and present the finished video at this event.


The effect filter "Auto Contrast" achieves anexcellent result with just a mouse click. It gives liveliness and expression tolow-contrast material. In addition, the filter can help you automaticallycompensate for contrast differences, such as those that occur when you step outof a house into a sunny environment with your camera. Presets are available. Ofcourse, you can adjust the intensity of the filter to your wishes.

08 Flash Remover Pro


If you shoot at a press conference with your video camera,you will not be able to avoid flashes by photographers. But of course, theseoverexposed frames disturb the viewing, even if they occur only very briefly.


The Flash Remover Pro filter detects these annoying framesand swaps the "flash-frame" with a correctly exposed single frame. Ata frame rate of 30p and above, this duplication is barely perceptible. Thedisturbing flashes have disappeared, and the picture impression is again calmand harmonic.

09 Lens Correction


The look  of awide-angle lens is often deliberately used as a stylistic device. Occasionally,however, these typical distortions also disturb. Using Lens Correction, thesedistortions can be reduced and a natural image impression achieved.


Likewise, Lens Correction can also be creatively used toalienate your recordings. Thus, this filter has many possibilities and a widerange of applications.

10 Skin Touch Up


Often there is no time left before the interview or thestatement in front of the camera to put make-up on the talent. However, HD andeven more UHD/4K resolutions mercilessly depict every blemish on the skin.


The "Skin Touch Up" filter works like a digitalmake-up. You decide how intense the filter should be. The skin is smoothed, impuritiesand beard stubble disappear. Other details, however, such as the frame and theglasses in a pair of glasses, remain unchanged. This makes "Skin TouchUp" an excellent tool that you will probably not want to do without.

11 Frame Rate


With current video cameras frame rates of 50 / 60p and moreare standard while in the world of cinema mainly 24p are used. Super 8 camerasusually exposed 18 frames per second. For this reason, the playback of olderfilms often looks jerky while the soft 50 / 60p playback is rejected by filmenthusiasts as a TV soap opera look.


The Frame Rate filter gives you the option of giving yourshot the look you want for a particular scene. Depending on the specification,you will get a stroboscope-like effect all the way to the time-stretchedplayback of single images. Or you can dazzle between the frames and get aflowing look.

13 Tilt Shift


By means of the "Tilt Shift" filter you can givepictures of landscapes, cities and idyllic nature the look of a miniaturelandscape. The filter increases the saturation of the colors and creates a blurin the foreground and background. You control the degree of intensity andarrange the sharpness in the desired region of the image, just as if you wereturning the  focus wheel of an wide openlens.


Regardless if you are working on a  professional travel movie, holidayimpressions for your friends or you want to alienate a recording with thiseffect: The Tilt Shift filter lets you experience your recordings in a newperspective and transforms your world from big to small.


14 RGB Shift


Some video effects are not only impressive to look at, theyalso seem particularly complex and therefore probably rather complicated to use.RGB Shift produces such an impressive effect - and it is very simple to apply!


RGB Shift separates the color channels red, green and blue,placing them in space and time in relation to each other. This results incomplex patterns that suggest a considerable effort in the application of thiseffect. The use of the filter RGB Shift is however completely uncomplicated.The filter can be conveniently configured via presets and keyframes andadditionally customized via a large number of parameters and dials.

15 Zoom Blur


The filter Zoom Blur creates a particularly dynamic effect.A virtual camera zoom is combined with a blur effect. If you apply this effectto a sunset for example, you may align the effect’s center point with the sunand use keyframes to track the setting sun. Night scenes with lights are particularlyimpressive, allowing  the blur effect toprove its special magic and radiance. This effect also gives you many optionsfor further customization.




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