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NewBlue Filters 5 Recolor

NewBlue Filters 5 Recolor

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Our PN: NBLN0290139
Manufacturer: NewBlue Inc
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$99.00

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Quick Overview

NewBlue Filters 5 Recolor



Manufacturer Part Number: SKUFIL5RCL

NewBlue Filters 5 Recolor delivers 8 versatile video filters that quickly replace color, applygradient tints, correct saturation and more. Now including the new Selective Hue pluginthat lets you change the hue of a specific region as well as the enhanced Tint plugin thatdelivers even more looks through different blend modes. Give your videos the look youwant with Filters 5 Recolor.

List of Plugins

  • Color Replace: Change the color of different objects without harshening the raw details.
  • Gradient Tint: Intensify the colors of your picture with a variety of filters.
  • Saturation EQ: Separate the color spectrum to choose colors you want to enhance.
  • Saturation Modifier: Separate your image into saturated regions to correct each area.
  • Selective Color: Focus on one color in an image, then make everything else black and white.
  • Selective Tint: Define certain regions, then adjust and change their tint.
  • Tint: Adjust the color balance and completely transform your video.
  • Selective Hue: Shift the color hue of a specific part of your picture.


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