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NewBlue Filters 5 Recreate

NewBlue Filters 5 Recreate

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Our PN: NBLN0290138
Manufacturer: NewBlue Inc
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$99.00

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Quick Overview

NewBlue Filters 5 Recreate



Manufacturer Part Number: SKUFIL5RCR

NewBlue Filters 5 Recreate delivers 9 video filters that quickly enhance footage color,create vignettes, diffuse light and more. Dial in the perfect look with a variety of designparameters or get a quick start with one of over 10 presets in each. Now includes twonew plugins, Film Grain and Film Color 2. Give your film an authentic, classic look usingFilm Grain or use the versatile Film Color 2 to create a unique mood. Experience Filters 5Recreate and see how easy it is to enhance your footage.

List of Plugins

  • Bleach Bypass: Transform your digital video into an antique film.
  • Day for Night: Make your daytime footage look like it was filmed at night.
  • Diffusion: Add a soft glow to your footage to change the color and focus of your image.
  • Duochrome: Create retro and metallic-looking images with 2 chrome-like colors.
  • Film Color: Modify color and adjust lighting to recreate the classic look of film.
  • Old TV: Manipulate your footage to recreate the look of classic tube televisions.
  • Vignette: Use these preset vignettes to creatively frame your video.
  • Film Grain: Add film grain for an authentic, classic look. Control size, strength, etc.
  • Film Color 2: Updated controls with film grain added.


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