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NewTek NDI Telestrator

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Manufacturer Part Number: FG-001530-R001

Put your fingerprints on any NDI video source and introduce a whole new dimension to commentary, analysis, and storytelling. With NewTek NDI Telestrator, you can enhance productions, presentations, and video communications with real-time, on-screen illustrations that inform, educate, and entertain your audiences.

Illustrate. Communicate. Telestrate.
Draw, diagram, and apply graphics to any video source or still image available across the network, delivering to your production over IP from any compatible networked deviceall in real-time.

Live video, replays, photos, and moreany NDI video source can serve as your canvas. Touchscreen-friendly with professional paint and shape tools, and a variety of color and highlight options, NewTek NDI Telestrator lets you analyze, present, and explain with precise detail.

Supplement any broadcast, video presentation, or webinar with more network-style visuals. Touchscreen-friendly and IP-ready, NewTek NDI Telestrator enables real-time telestration to be integrated across the network into any workflow using any compatible NDI-enabled device.

Introduce a whole new level of detail to commentary, analysis, and storytelling to engage audiences on virtually any topic. NewTek NDI Telestrator provides professional paint and shape tools, and a variety of color and highlight options, enabling you to draw freehand, diagram and apply graphics to any on-screen content, including live video, replays, and images.

  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 operating system (OS) or better
  • Intel i5 Sandy Bridge CPU or better
  • 4GB system memory
  • Gigabit connection or better
  • Display with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
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