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NewTek Premium Access™ Subscription 2 Year Coupon Code for TC1, TC410Plus, TCAE3 and VMC1 (includes LiveGraphics™, LivePanel™, NDI® KVM, Advanced Audio, Virtual PTZ, and access to special LiveSet™ content)
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Innovative Software. Incredible Functionality.
Exercise new opportunities and raise expectations, enhancing your software-driven live production experience with the premium software, capabilities, and content of NewTek Premium Access. Compatible with the NewTek IP Series and TriCaster® TC1, NewTek Premium Access provides exclusive access to cutting-edge tools and technology that infuses your system with functionality that no modern video production should be without, to include:

  • LiveGraphics™
  • LivePanel™
  • Advanced Audio I/O
  • NDI® KVM
  • Virtual PTZ
  • Virtual Set Library

Design animated titles, motion graphics, and looping effects using popular Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools—then import them directly into your NewTek live production system. With the innovative LiveGraphics Creator plugin to simplify and accelerate authoring in Adobe® After Effects® CC for users of all experience levels, plus enhanced real-time system functionality allowing unprecedented customization, playback, and automation options, LiveGraphics lets you to produce and present spectacular live graphics faster and easier than ever before.

Create your own software-based control panels and operate your NewTek live production system from any compatible desktop or mobile device—anywhere on the network. Easily accessible through any Web browser or operating system, LivePanel includes production-ready control panels for remote video mixing, media playback, audio mixing, and macro automation, plus the LivePanel Builder tool to design your own custom panels geared toward your unique productions and workflows.

Advanced Audio I/O
Merge system audio seamlessly into external routing and mixing workflows for comprehensive integration, sophisticated configuration, and complex handling. Advanced Audio I/O extracts all incoming and outgoing audio channels, including embedded SDI and NDI® audio channels, and makes them available for independent routing and delivery to external audio destinations, including Dante™, AES67, and USB sound devices, as well as compatible mixing boards and consoles.

Access the user interface of your NewTek live production system and take control from anywhere on your network. With NDI® KVM, your workspace is simultaneously output as an interactive NDI® video source. Simply launch NDI® Studio Monitor, select the source from among the available inputs and outputs, then view or run your production remotely from any compatible computer or device.

Virtual PTZ
Expand your shot selection and storytelling opportunities without increasing your source count. With Virtual PTZ, you can create and access multiple shots from any individual video signal—complete with live virtual zoom and real-time pan and scan effects. Start with a full-resolution camera angle or video source, define distinct areas of interest, then store as full-frame presets that you can switch or transition between seamlessly.

Virtual Set Library
Conquer the challenges of time, space, and budget while taking your presentation to a whole new level. With full access to the premium library of NewTek LiveSet™ virtual sets, you can choose from an extended variety of simulated environments to suit your style and your brand, providing an instant professional touch that enhances the look and feel of your productions.

NewTek Premium Access Compatibility
NewTek Premium Access is compatible with the NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine and TriCaster® TC1.

  • LiveGraphics™ is compatible with current versions of supported Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications for Microsoft® Windows®
  • LivePanel™ is compatible with modern Web browsers to include Google Chrome (including Chrome for Android™), Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (11+), Mozilla Firefox, and Safari for macOS (10.9+) and iOS (7.1+) 
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