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Instantly connect with multiple contacts around the world.
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Reach 300 million monthly connected Skype users. Anywhere. Anytime.
TalkShow allows you to initiate or receive calls from any video-enabled desktop, laptop, mobile device, conference room, Internet TV or game console running Skype software. You can operate all aspects of a live Skype video call in the control room like any other video source, work free of audio/visual distractions such as secondary call notifications and advertisements.

Manage every aspect of a live Skype video calljust like any other video source.
TalkShow is a 1RU broadcast ready, integrated hardware and software system that includes:

  • Studio-grade Skype TX software
  • Dual channel Ethernet connectivity
  • 2 channels (1 in, 1 out) of HD-SDI I/O
  • Professional XLR and SDI-embedded audio
  • Full proc-amp controls and automatic color correction
  • Audio compressor/limiter, graphic equalizer, and adjustable head-room controls
  • Tally support

TalkShow in your workflow. Its a natural fit.
One of the best things about TalkShow is how easily it fits in to any broadcast studio, control room or live production environment.

Producers and engineers will like:

  • The simplicity of 1RU rack mount equipment integration.
  • The instant familiarity with Skype software and integrated production tools for improving video/audio quality.
  • The ability to offload Skype calls from existing laptops with other applications, OS, firewall, and IT software that can interfere with airing video calls.
  • The ability to transmit Skype calls when its not safe to have truck masts up.


GAIN - immediate access to fresh, global, authoritative content.

  • Be first to report on an issue by bringing in someone live directly from the scene.
  • Engage the right expert for your topic, from around the world, anytime.
  • Add anyone who has Skypeor anyone who can download the clientto your guest roster.

SAVE - on uplink and live shot costs.

  • Overcome budget, logistic, and staffing issues usually associated with acquiring guest appearances.
  • Send in live reports from remote correspondents without using expensive trucks and satellite time.
  • Make a small production global by providing broader coverage from in-house.

IMPROVE - desktop video calls with a richer, enhanced picture.

  • Add behind-the scenes technical quality control to call audio and video, just like any in-studio production source.
  • Avoid the conversion loss, aspect-ratio squashing, and video artifacts of using desktop video with scan converters.
  • Look more professional than typical video-call interviews.

MAXIMIZE - confidence so you can focus on great interviews, not distractions.

  • Avoid risk of consumer-technology glitches, call interruptions, or computer crashes.
  • Reduce the risks of mixing personal communication applications with professional systems.
  • Remove the unexpected interruptions of conventional software, OS, firewall, and IT policies that make it inconvenient to air video calls from traditional laptops and computer screens.


  • Access to anyone with a Skype Account - Add to anyone else who downloads and signs up for the standard desktop client.
  • Single, 1RU rackmount device - Studio-grade production source plugs into standard Ethernet network and HD-SDI video infrastructure.
  • Audio quality enhancement - With SDI-embedded audio, built-in compressor/limiter tools, and onboard graphic equalizer that keep call volumes at consistent levels and prevent audio clipping.
  • Tally notification of video calls - Allows operators to see when TalkShow Skype feeds are currently live in a program.
  • Multiple Skype calls - Add TalkShow units and manage all within a single, user-friendly interface that offers previews, continuous call quality monitoring, and contact management.
  • SDI I/O - Output a live video call to any production switcher and input from router or any production source to send a return image back to remote caller over IP.
  • Record to local storage - Capture video call for later review and/or postproduction, or optional addition to media players playlists on connected NewTek products, whether for time-shifting, review and trimming, or queuing for subsequent insertion in a show.
  • Broadcast-style video from regular Skype calls - With automatic aspect ratio conversions and balanced audio, and without requiring a scan converter.
  • Built-in video quality checks - Failover to custom, still image when unforeseen bandwidth constraints occur below operator-defined preset value.
  • Front Panel Display - Rack-viewable RGB preview of Skype video calls, VU metering, caller, time, status, tally (on air) notification and more.
  • Video tools - With full proc-amp controls and automatic color correction to adjust image attributes for any lighting environment, enabling in-studio enhancement of video calls with poor lighting and contrast to appear with far higher quality.
  • Optimized on-air video - NewTeks proprietary, real-time video processing engine incorporates superb scaling, format conversion, aspect, and color correction routines; limit return video resolution in order to prioritize quality of incoming call video.
  • Network I/O - Network I/O in NewTek live production environmentoutput over Ethernet to 3Play integrated sports production system or TriCaster multi-camera production system, while reserving SDI hardware connection for other feeds.
  • Enclosure
    • 1RU rack-mount metal case with rear-mounted connection panel and front-mounted in-call display monitor
  • Hardware Video Inputs
    • 1x HD-SDI plus embedded audio (for return signal from mixer to remote caller)
  • Hardware Video Outputs
    • 1x HD-SDI plus embedded audio (for Skype call output to video mixer input)
  • Hardware Audio Inputs
    • 2x Balanced XLR (+4dBU reference Level)
  • Hardware Audio Outputs
    • 2x Balanced XLR (+4dBU reference Level),
    • in Stereo Headphone Jack (Skype program audio)
  • Hardware GPI / Tally
    • GPI (HD15 jack)
  • AirSend* I/O
    • 1x Network video input
    • 1x Network video output
    • 1x Network audio input
    • 1x Network audio output
    • Tally from Mixer over local network
  • Network
    • Dual gigabit NIC exceeding expected bandwidth requirements for Skype TX I/O, AirSend* transmission to and from mixer, and local network traffic
  • System
    • Physical 19in x 1.75in x 16.75in
    • 10 lbs.
  • Local Monitoring
    • 1x DVI, 1x HDMI
  • Software and OS
    • Windows 8.1 Embedded, Skype TX, TalkShow control software providing a/v connection config, audio EQ, compressor/limiter, video proc amps and AutoColor control, genlock config
  • Call management s/w
    • Direct mouse and keyboard USB interface required for Skype TX management software in single call / single TalkShow unit environment
    • Over-the-network from SkypeTX control software in simultaneous call / multiple TalkShow unit environments
  • CPU
    • 4th Generation i7 Quad-Core
  • Graphics
    • Intel HD4600 GPU with 1x HDMI, 2x DVI
  • Reference In
    • Black burst (bi-level) and tri-level genlock reference support
  • Memory
    • 8Gb
  • Storage
    • 128Gb SSD; eSATA extensible drive access
  • PSU
    • Internal 12V, External 110-220V

*NewTek API allowing network I/O in NewTek TriCaster, 3Play, and supported 3rd party systems. Subject to change without notice.

NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 Multi-Channel Video Calling System

Limited 1-Year Warranty


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