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Next Limit Premium Support (Add On) for All Products. MUST PURCHASE AT THE SAME TIME AS SOFTWARE TO GET THIS PRICE!
Next Limit
Mac & Win
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As low as $345.00

Premium Support allows users (of any of our software tools) to schedule meetings with our expert Technical Support Team, with the objective to receive specific training in the use of complex features, solving problems setting up scenes, and optimising them to obtain the maximum performance and the best quality possible for the simulation. Each Premium Support pack includes 5 hours of this type of Support and can be used over the span of a year from the purchase date.

  • The Premium Support model will substitute our current support services, and will cover all Next Limit products. Including: Software / tools training, support in the creation of contents, fine-tuning scenes, pipeline structure and change of format workflow.
  • Our Premium Support depends on the availability of our Support Team. Customers will have a calendar tool to schedule a support session with our Team.
  • The service will be limited to five hours and will have a reduced cost when purchased at the same time as any Next Limit product.


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