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OnTheAir Studio 3.x Free Shipping!

Mfr PN: 3IB03
Our PN: TRNN0330031
Manufacturer: Softron Media Services
Platform(s): Mac

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Quick Overview

OnTheAir Studio is a simple audio jingles playback application. It uses both QuickTime and CoreAudio in order to address any external or built-in audio devices. It supports any audio file formats that QuickTime supports, including protected AAC files from the iTunes Music Store.



Manufacturer Part Number: 3IB03

OnTheAir Studio 3 is a completely rewritten and revitalized version of Softron's radio playout application that has been used by radio stations worldwide for many years. With this product Softron Media Services again takes aim at broadcasters who are looking for a broad range of Macintosh solutions, from video playout to radio playout and streaming, from one vendor.

The initial version of OnTheAir Studio was the first application that Softron Media Services developed on the Mac platform,' said Daniel Tapie, Softrons CEO. Back in 1986, we couldnt imagine that we would be playing 4 video HD streams on one single Mac as we do today. We were estatic to play audio and it is only a little later, when the Mac was able to handle it, that we have developed our first video software. But have not forgotten our origins and now we are bringing all of the experience we have with OnTheAir Video to OnTheAir Studio. We also wanted our OnTheAir Video users to be familiar with the user interface so they could jump right into it without having to learn new commands and application interaction.'

OnTheAir Studio 3 is graphically similar to the OnTheAir Video, Softron's leading video playout application that is in use at almost 2000 facilities worldwide. But of course it sports some features that are specific to radio. OnTheAir Studio is an open solution that allows for integration with third party Traffic Systems as it uses xml playlists and schedules. OnTheAir Studio can play out predefined playlists 24/7, completely unattended, with an easy to use scheduler. It can also play Presets' to start jingles and other user triggered sound sources. It can detect the end of the sound in order to do an automatic fade out to achieve the smoothest transition.

Whats new in OnTheAir Studio 3.0 ?

  • Application now signed for compatibility with Mountain Lion Gatekeeper and additional security for protection against malware
  • Added support for retina display
  • Automatic cue point detection (audio track is analyzed to detect when the volume goes down
  • Built-in AAC+ streaming to SHOUTcast or Icecast
  • Built-in multi-band compressor
  • Manually set cue points and fade in/out
  • Voice-over before streaming (for Live DJ)
  • Search tracks in a playlist
  • Multichannel playout
  • Built-in database to automatically reuse cue points


Built-in streaming to SHOUTcast or Icecast servers
OnTheAir Studio can directly stream to SHOUTcast or Icecast radio streaming servers. SHOUTcast Radio offers thousands of free Internet radio stations from DJs and broadcasters around the world. Icecast is an open source server that you can install and configure on your servers. Both streaming services allow you to stream your radio station very easily and quickly. In OntheAir Studio preferences, simply enter the URL, login and password of your server and you'll be broadcasting within seconds.

Automatic mix point detection and Waveform viewer
OnTheAir Studio will analyze your audio tracks, automatically detect when the volume goes below a given level and add a cue point to it. This will ensure that a clean track change every time and no silence in your radio program. After the automatic mix point is detected you'll be able to manually change them thanks to the waveform view that sports a very easy and clever user interface.

Flexible Audio volume control, voice-over and ducking
OnTheAir Studio is so simple to use that you don't even need an external audio mixer to mix when you are talking. You can change the Audio volume of a whole output, a playlist or even one track. This gives you great flexibility to adjust audio volume to your willing. You can also use any audio source as your microphone source, click on the 'duck' icon, and start talking over your radio program.

Preset Window and control with MIDI
The preset window will allow you to immediately start jingles using Keyboard shortcuts or MIDI keyboards. One single document has up to 288 buttons to be configured with different jingle tracks.

MIDI notes can be assigned to each button in the window or also to control buttons such as the play or stop buttons in playlists. It can be generic or assigned to only one document.

Schedule for unattended 24/7 play out
Using the same schedule and playlist logic as OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Studio can be easily configured to play 24/7 unattended for ever. The xml playlist and text schedule allow for an easy integration with third party software. As you can handle multiple outputs on one Mac you can literally broadcast multiple radio stations from your mac, stream to SHOUTcast or Icecast and never worry about it.

Built-in Multiband Compressor
Improve the sound of your radio station thanks to the built-in Multiband Compressor. Each output has its own Compressor, so you can make sure that all your radio stations sound the way you want.

Analyse as-run-logs and create schedules with OnTheAir Tools
OnTheAir Tools is a free software that can be installed on any number of workstations and that will allow 2 things. The first is to allow you to create the schedule file that OnTheAir Studio requires for 24/7 playback. It will also allow you to analyse the as-run-logs created by OnTheAir Studio in order to know when and how many times a define track has been aired. You can then export reports.



  • Play most audio formats
  • Output to any audio output available for your mac
  • Output to multiple outputs
  • Fade in / fade out control
  • Volume control (for the general output, the document, or the clip)
  • Ducking
  • Automatically analyze audio to set the out point


  • Playlist to chain clips
  • Presets for jingles (cart machine like)
  • Chain Mode
  • Loop playlist
  • Randomize playlist

External Controls

  • Many keyboard shortcuts available
  • Learn a MIDI note to a clip or a playback control to start it with a MIDI device
  • Can be controlled by GPI
  • Open to third party integration thanks to XML based playlists and text based schedules.

Clips info / trimming

  • Set in/out points
  • ID3 (tag)
  • Artwork


  • Start playlists at fixed time of day
  • Chain playlists automatically

Other features

  • As-run-logs


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