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OnTheAir Video Express 3 Free Shipping!

Mfr PN: 3A003
Our PN: TRNN0330001
Manufacturer: Softron Media Services
Platform(s): Mac

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.

List Price:$995.00

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Quick Overview

OnTheAir Video Express now uses Softron's Smart Playout Engine to offer even more features and codecs then before.



Manufacturer Part Number: 3A003

Previous versions of OnTheAir Video Express were using QuickTime as the playout engine. QuickTime served us well during many years, but some features were not available and we wanted to move forward in order to offer more functionalities, codecs and reliability. As we were rewriting our playout engine for OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node, we figured that we would use a 'simpler' one in OnTheAir Video Express to keep on offering the most affordable playout solution.

OnTheAir Video Express 3 is a major upgrade (we even never released a version 2 and jumped immediately to version 3 in order to use the same version number across our playout applications). There are a lot of improvements that were brought in the video playout like seamless playback, the support for mix-and-match video resize (clips are automatically scaled to fit the video output format, support for MXF without an additional software), for DNxHD, multiple output on the same Mac, disable playback control, etc Some 'exotic' codecs are not supported anymore because of the fact that we don't use QuickTime anymore. Check the list of codecs supported in the Tech Specs section.

OnTheAir Video Express now uses the same playout engine as OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node, but it does not have any graphic overlay feature, nor the smart resize (it has a 'standard' resize though). Make sure to check the 'Features' section to check the differences between each product.

Mix-and-match multiple codecs
Play multiple codecs in the same playlist. Support for Apple ProRes, AVC-Intra, Avid DNxHD, H.264, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD and many more codecs. (check the list in the Tech Specs section). You do not need to install any additional software or codec. You can even mix different resolution in the same playlist.

QuickTime, MXF and Transport Stream
You can play the standard QuickTime files (.mov), but also transport stream (.ts) or MXF (.MXF). The beauty is that you don't even need to install an additional software to read MXF files. They support for MXF files is built in the Smart Playout Engine.

Playout multiple channels on one Mac (one license per output required)
With the Smart Playout Engine's unequaled efficiency, you can playout 4 channels of HD simultaneously on one Mac as the Smart Playout Engine (SPE) is optimized to take advantages of multiple cores. For that you will need the Quad version of OnTheAir Video Express, and to purchase one license of the software per channel you want to output.

Mix and Match different resolutions
You can drag and drop clips of different resolutions in the playlist and they will be scaled automatically to fit in the output resolution by choosing a resizing method (letterbox, pand&scan or fill). Note that the Smart Resize mode is not available in OnTheAir Video Express, only in OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node. Check the screenshots below to see the difference, or check this video (the difference can only be seen in the higher resolutions 720p and 1080p)

Play videos or still images
Play out movie files and still images in the same playlist. Set a play duration for your still images and they will play out for that duration just as if they were a standard video file.

GPI Control for integration with Video Mixer - Requires GPICommander
Control OnTheAir Video Express from a video mixer. When pushing on a video mixer button, you can send a GPI trigger which will start or stop a clip in OnTheAir Video Express (this feature requires GPI Commander to convert GPI triggers to USB)





  • Supported Output Devices:
    • AJA
      • ioHD
      • ioExpress
      • Kona 3
      • Kona LHe
      • Kona LHi
      • Kona LSe
    • BlackMagic Design
      • Decklink Duo
      • Decklink HD Extreme (all)
      • Decklink Optical Fibre
      • Decklink SDI
      • Decklink Studio 2
      • Intensity Pro
      • Multibridge Products
    • Motu
      • V4HD
    • Matrox
      • MXO
      • MXO2
      • MXO2 Mini
      • MXO2 Rack
  • Other Types Of Video Output:
    • DVI output
    • FireWire converters or Cameras (DV)
    • FireWire converters or Cameras (HDV)
    • FireWire converters or Cameras (DVCPro HD)
    • HDMI (built-in on Mac mini 2010
    • Mini DisplayPort
  • Typical Use:
    • Live Shows
    • News production
    • Music Shows
  • Video Capabilities
    • Video Engine: QuickTime
    • Video Outputs:
      • Mini DisplayPort
      • DVI
      • Built-in HDMI
      • FireWire DV
      • FireWire HDV
      • FireWire DVCPro HD
      • PCI Video Cards (AJA, Blackmagic-Design, Matrox, MOTU)
    • Video Outputs Modes: 8bit and 10bit
    • HD capable Yes
    • Supported video codecs: All codecs supported by Quicktime (some codecs require to be installed in the Quicktime Component Library)
    • Maximum Number of output per Mac: Multiple video outputs with OnTheAir Video Express is not recommended for broadcast operations due to the possibility of freeze frames. Feel free to test it because itft s possible and limited theoretically only to the number of outputs possible (you can even use different outputs like HDMI, PCI card, etc.)
    • Option Needed for multiple output: No option needed, one license per multiple output
    • ARGB support (for External and Internal Keying using medias with Alpha Channel)
    • Scrubbing (move playout at Time position)
  • Audio Capabilities
    • Audio Destinations: Same as video output
    • Audio Fromat: All supported by QuickTime
    • Multiple Audio Channels output: Only Stereo
    • Scrubbing (move the playout output at given position)
  • Media Management
    • Metadata (read metadata from QT file): Customizable
    • Finder Label
    • Clip Trimming
    • Reference Movie
    • MXF Files support (only with Quicktime component installed)
    • Still image support
    • Clip end Behaviors: Only normal = relative to playlist behavior (chain mode or not)
  • External Device Controls
    • GPI output: requires GPI Commander Box but doesnft t use the extra software all is built in OntheAir Video Express
    • GPI input: requires GPI Commander Box but doesnft t use the extra software all is built in OntheAir Video Express
    • TimeCode Sources: Mac Clock
  • Playlist Features
    • Cue Mode
    • Edit playlist while it is playing: Yes, but not in chain mode
    • Cross vpls Playlist support: Open all vpls playlists, except OnTheAir Live vpls
  • Supported Codecs
    • AJA 8bit (AJA Quicktime Component required)
    • AJA 10bit (AJA Quicktime Component required)
    • Animation
    • Apple Intermediate Codec
    • Apple Pixlet Video
    • Apple ProRes 422 Family (Apple ProRes Quicktime Component required)
    • Apple ProRes 444 (Apple ProRes Quicktime Component required)
    • Apple VC (H.263)
    • AVC-Intra
    • AVID 1.1 (AVID Quicktime Component required)
    • AVID DNxHD (AVID Quicktime Component required)
    • AVID Meridien (AVID Quicktime Component required)
    • AVID DNxHD (AVID Quicktime Component required)
    • AVID RGB Packed (AVID Quicktime Component required)
    • Blackmagic 8bit (2Vuy) (Blackmagic Quicktime Component required)
    • Blackmagic RGB 10bit (Blackmagic Quicktime Component required)
    • Cineform (AVID Quicktime Component required)
    • DV-stream (NTSC/PAL)
    • DV-PAL
    • DVCPro-PAL
    • DVCPro HD 1080i
    • DVCPro HD 1080p
    • DVCPro HD 720p
    • DVCPro 50
    • H.264
    • HDV 1080i
    • HDV 1080p
    • HDV 720p
    • JPEG 2000
    • MPEG IMX (30/40/50) (IMX Quicktime component required)
    • MPEG-2
    • MPEG-4 Video
    • Photo-JPEG
    • PNG
    • Uncompressed 10-bit
    • Uncompressed 8-bit
    • XDCAM EX 1080i
    • XDCAM EX 1080p
    • XDCAM EX 720p
    • XDCAM HD 1080i
    • XDCAM HD 1080p
    • XDCAM HD422 1080i
    • XDCAM HD422 1080p
    • XDCAM HD422 720p

Included Items

  • Dongle
  • Software


  • HD - YES
  • Mac OS Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Supported Video Cards Any that is QuickTime compatible
  • Thunderbolt Support - YES
  • Requires Monitor Connected (Open GL Active) ? Read More
  • MacPro type Any
  • iMac type Any
  • MacBook Pro type Any
  • MacBook Air type Any
  • MacMini type Any
  • Compatible Storage Any that can sustain the required constant read speed (depending on the number of streams, the codec and format)


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