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Osprey 845e

The Osprey 845e is ideal for high-density applications with several input channels in a single device. It includes SDI support for both SD and HD as well as embedded audio in the SDI. This high-density SDI capture card has four independent SDI channels.
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HD/SD Inputs

Four inputs can be used for HD-SDI

  • SMPTE 292M Standard
  • 1.485 Gbit/s
  • Up to 1080i / 60
  • 8 channels of embedded SDI audio
  • CEA-708B closed caption extraction

Four inputs can be used for SD-SDI

  • SMPTE 259M Standard
  • 270 Mbit/s
  • Up to 720x576 / 59.94i
  • 8 channels of embedded SDI audio
  • CEA-608B closed caption extraction

3G HD Inputs

Two inputs can be used for 3G-HD SDI (3G/HD/SD version ONLY)

  • SMPTE 424M Standard
  • 2.970 Gbit/s
  • Up to 1080p / 60
  • 8 channels of embedded SDI audio
  • CEA-708B closed caption extraction

Key Applications

  • Webcasting
  • Live Streaming
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • Post Processing Video Capture


  • Single card/driver for high density SDI inputs
  • True 3G input (SMPTE 424)
  • Reliable Osprey drivers
  • More modes and pre-processing features
    • Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc
    • Deinterlacing, inverse telecine, cropping and scaling
    • Logo overlay
  • User defined screens for signal loss prevent streaming interruptions
  • On-the-fly adaptability
    • Automatic HD/SD input detection/switching
    • Output scaling
  • Windows and Linux drivers available

Further Information

Four Input SDI or DVB-ASI

Ideal for high-density applications, the Osprey 845e card features four

independent, highly configurable input channels.

Four Input Formats

 3G SDI (424M) (limited to 2 channels)

 HD SDI (292M)

 SD SDI (259M)

 DVB-ASI MPTS/SPTS (Windows only)

Fully Independent Inputs

All inputs are clock independent, which allows for different input formats on each input.

Embedded SDI audio

Four stereo pairs are available per input.

Osprey SimulStream®

A standard feature on all Osprey 800 series cards,

SimulStream allows each input to produce multiple parallel

output streams with completely independent settings for

color space, cropping, scaling, closed caption and overlays

facilitating simultaneous delivery to multiple applications.

Additional Features

Signal Loss: In the event of signal loss, the Osprey card

automatically replaces the lost video with color bars with

options for text overlay and audio tones. This feature helps

prevent unplanned stoppage of downstream applications

upon signal loss.

Video Pre-Processing

 VBI/VANC closed-caption extraction/on-screen rendering

 Logo/bitmap overlay

 Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine

 ProcAmp control

 Vector Scope and Luma Scope

Driver Support

 Microsoft® DirectShow® API

 Linux

Osprey SDK: An Osprey SDK is also available to allow

developers to take full advantage of the Osprey 800e driver


Osprey 800a Audio Input Expansion Board

The Osprey 800a audio input card is a separate expansion

board that adds two pairs of balanced audio via XLR

connectors along with an two additional pairs that can be

configured as either unbalanced (RCA), AES/EBU or SPDIF



  • Simulstream: Standard
  • PCIe x4
  • Drivers
    • Microsoft Windows (DirectShow)
    • Linux (Ubuntu 11.04 or higher OR Debain Base)
  • Full height/Half length
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