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Osprey Video 460e

This product bundle blends the functionality of the Osprey® 460e with the capabilities of SimulStream®. The result is a high-performance analog capture card ideal for the professional streaming media content creator.
Osprey Video
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Experience the power of multi-channel Osprey technology.
The Osprey 460e is a powerful, professional-grade card capable of capturing and streaming multiple independent channels, simultaneously. Ideally suited for high-density encoding applications, the Osprey 460e will streamline your workflow as it provides the highest possible video quality for your capture and streaming applications.

Reduce system costs.
With its PCIe architecture, the Osprey 460e is designed to simultaneously capture four independent channels of analog video and unbalanced stereo audio signals and process them independently, minimizing internal PC space requirements. The channel density offered by the Osprey 460e dramatically reduces total system cost by increasing the capture capacity within a single system.

The Osprey 460e A/V option provides additional video inputs and four stereo balanced audio inputs to the rear panel connectors. The optional video inputs include the selection of component or Y/C (S-Video) for each of the 4 channels or 3 additional composite inputs for a total of 16 switchable composite inputs per card.

Designed for the latest PC architectures.
PC manufacturers have adopted the PCI Express (PCIe) bus as the standard for high-throughput internal bus architectures. Osprey cards optimize this architecture and unleash the power of modern multi-core PC engines with unfettered access to all PC resources. This capability means more power for your most demanding streaming applications.

Optimized for live streaming.
Take advantage of advanced video pre-processing features such as logo/bitmap overlay with transparency and positioning controls, de-interlacing and closed-caption extraction and rendering. The Osprey 460e automatically detects and adapts on-the-fly when the input video format changes from movie frame rates to television frame rates.

Multiple streams per input.
Add SimulStream to the Osprey 460e and stream to multiple devices in various formats, bit rates and resolutions simultaneously, from a single video source. You can deliver multiple streams from a single channel in Adobe Flash, Microsoft Windows (SilverlightTM), 3GPP or H.264 formats all at the same time. The Osprey 460e is the ideal solution to meet the demands of todays multi-platform digital media marketplace.


  • Broadcasters
  • Government
  • Digital signage integrators
  • OEM systems integrators


  • Webcasting
  • Live streaming
  • Podcasting
  • Mobile TV
  • Video on Demand
  • Surveillance


  • Hardware audio gain control
  • Closed-caption extraction
  • Cropping and bitmap overlay
  • Customized messaging generated upon loss of video signal
  • Supports Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) flag for automatic 16 x 9 capture
  • Install multiple cards per chassis, or mix-and-match with other Osprey cards
  • Works with popular video encoding applications
  • Drivers available for Microsoft operating systems

  • Driver Support:
    • Microsoft DirectShow API
  • Inputs:
    • Video:
      • 4 composite (BNC x 4) (additional BNC x 12 optional)
      • 4 Y/C (BNC x 8) (optional)
      • 4 component (BNC x 12) (optional)
    • Audio:
      • 4 unbalanced stereo (RCA x 8)
      • 4 balanced (XLR x 8) (optional)
  • Video Format:
    • NTSC/PAL
  • Connectivity:
    • PCIe (x 1):
    • Slots: x 1, x 4, x 8, or x 16
  • Pre-Processing:
    • Logo/bitmap overlay
    • Closed-caption extraction/rendering
    • Logo/bitmap overlay
    • Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine
    • Loss of video automatic test pattern generation with text overlay option
  • Dimensions:
    • Full-height / half-length board
    • 6.60in L x 4.38in H (16.77 cm L x 11.12 cm H)
  • Hardware Warranty:
    • 1 year limited hardware warranty
  • Video capture requires intense bandwidth across the system bus, CPU, and memory.
  • North Bridge PCIe slots are strongly recommended.
  • Multi-core processsors are recommended to run video applications.
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