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Padcaster Starter Kit (for iPad 7th Gen 10.2)

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Padcaster Starter Kit (for iPad 7th Gen 10.2)
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The Padcaster Starter Kit is the perfect first step to turn your iPad into an all-in-one mobile video production powerhouse suite. Perfect for schools, broadcast journalists, vloggers, companies of all sizes and more, the Padcaster Starter Kit is a great entry-level video production system that empowers you to tell your story — with tools that are mobile and professional.


Included in the Padcaster Starter Kit are all of the key components to cover the fundamentals of great iPad video. At the Starter Kit’s core is the Padcaster Case, enabling you to attach key production accessories that will improve the quality of your video content.




The Padcaster Unidirectional Microphone is a broadcast-quality condenser mic, designed to pick out specific sounds in front of it while rejecting sounds behind it.


Seamlessly connect microphones and headphones to your iPad with the Padcaster Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter.




The Padcaster Wide Angle Lens dramatically increases your iPad’s field of view. The Padcaster Wide Angle Lens also easily converts to the Padcaster Macro Lens for close-up focus and to achieve a shallow depth of field.*




The durable, Padcaster Fluid-Head Tripod/Monopod was built with stability and versatility in mind. It features a fluid pan and tilt head and can be converted into a monopod or folded up to easily clip on the Padcaster Backpack.


Protection & Portability


The Padcaster Camera Backpack is made of durable waterproof nylon, features five Velcro dividers and is fully padded to keep all your Padcaster Starter Kit accessories protected and organized.


*Lens sticker not included with iPad 10.5”, iPad Air 10.5” and iPad 11” because these models do not require it.

Padcaster Case

Multi-function Wide Angle/Macro Lens

Unidirectional Microphone Kit

Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod

Padded Backpack with Velcro Dividers

Dual Microphone/Headphone Splitter

Cold Shoe Mount


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