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Parrot Teleprompter Padcaster Parrot

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"The Parrot™ Teleprompter is an ultra-compact teleprompter system that sets up in minutes. It weighs approximately 0.4 lbs and measures just 4 x 4.5". The Parrot™ Teleprompter uses the same quality 30R/70T beam splitter glass found in high-end teleprompters at a fraction of the cost. It works with any smartphone on our free Parrot™ app. Simply pull down on the bottom section of the Parrot's four-sided frame, and place your phone on it. The Parrot™ app is user-friendly and available for both iOS and Android. Parrot™ also comes with nine mounting rings to easily attach directly to the lens filter thread of almost any camera system - and it's a perfect fit for Padcaster® for iPad and Verse™ Mobile Media products. Also includes the Parrot™ Bluetooth Remote and Glass Cleaning Kit.
Parrot Teleprompter
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Save time and improve your videos by controlling your teleprompter script remotely!

The Parrot Teleprompter Remote works exclusively with the Parrot Teleprompter and allows you to control the Teleprompter script remotely. This saves time and helps make scripts sound more natural.

Simply pair the remote with your smartphone running the parrot teleprompter app via Bluetooth. Use the following buttons to control the teleprompter: Up, down - increase and decrease font size left, right - increase and decrease the scroll speed ok - pause or play the script back - return to previous screen. The additional multimedia buttons can be used to control other multimedia apps such as a music player.


  • Controls font size and speed
  • Allows you to pause or play the script back 
  • Can be used to control other multimedia apps
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