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PFClean 2018

Restore, Remaster, Repurpose
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PFClean is the most widely adopted software solution for film and video restoration, from film transfer to remastering blockbuster movies, serving a broad client base from audiovisual archives to broadcasters and film studios.

Fast, flexible, non-destructive and designed for media restoration artists who care, The Pixel Farms unique approach to software design has resulted in a comprehensive suite of restoration tools that mask complexity and the science behind an easy to use and intuitive interface.

Deeply integrated batch processing and media management tools complimented by powerful remastering utilities make PFClean the tool of choice for key industry players such as Sony, Deluxe, Technicolor, The Criterion Collection, IMAX, Pinewood Studios, the BBC and audiovisual archives including the Estonian, Slovak and Finnish National Archives.


Unequaled Productivity
Our Workflow Manager, unique to The Pixel Farm, is the productivity hub which combined with batch processing and GPU acceleration enables restoration artists worldwide to deliver more content in less time.

Unrivalled Accuracy
Dedicated repair tools for Film, Video and Digital footage are built on a floating point, resolution independent 64 bit processing pipeline for large image file formats.

Quality Assured
Check, annotate and log all aspects of your restoration project with embedded QA and report tools.

Platform-independent, scalable, and interoperable with many 3rd party solutions, PFClean will fit comfortably into your pipeline regardless of size.

  • Supported OS
    • Microsoft Windows Windows 7 and 8 (only 64-bit supported)
    • Mac Mac OS X 10.10 or later (only 64-bit supported)
    • Linux CentOS 6.0 or later (only 64-bit supported)
  • Minimum Supported Hardware
    • Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processors with 4 cores or more
    • 8GB RAM
    • 2GB available hard disk space for full content installation
    • Mouse or pointing device
    • 19201080 resolution monitor
    • 1GB GPU with accelerated graphics (2GB recommended)
    • OpenCL 1.2 or later / CUDA Compute Capability 3.0 or later

In addition to 4GB for the operating system and for caching, a minimum of 1GB per processor core should be available for processing. Therefore, a workstation with a 4 core processor will require a minimum of 8GB of RAM. OpenCL is used exclusively on OS X. On Windows and Linux, CUDA is used for NVIDIA GPUs, and OpenCL for all other cards.

  • Optimal Processing
    • The following are recommended for optimal processing.
    • A fast (300MB/s or more) storage device. Required for optimal handling of 2K resolution footage and higher.
    • Dual GPU set-up. Split foreground and background processing, maximising efficiency and performance.
    • Increased RAM for data caching. Clips stored in RAM are processed far more quickly.
    • Additional machines for rendering. PFClean batch processing allows any number of additional machines to be used for render and export at no extra cost.
    • Licensing
      • Please note: a direct internet connection is required to install and administer the licenses using the license manager. Otherwise, licenses must be managed manually.
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