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Pixel Farm Floating License Server/Manager

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In a fast-evolving production environment with large-scale collaborative workflows spanning multiple sites, there is a growing need for software solutions to be deployed more flexibly. On the move between facility sites and on-set locations? Switching between host machines? Testing hardware configurations? The Pixel Farm have developed a user-administered software licensing scheme to meet your needs, keep you mobile and keep your options open, wherever your project takes you.
Pixel Farm
Mac & Win
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Manufacturer Part Number: LIC-PFL

Facilities that purchase PFLic to deploy multiple floating seats of our software are rewarded with the ultimate flexibility. Using tools built directly into our software, you can administer, revoke, transfer, re-deploy and even tear off a license from a PFLic license server and take it on set then later add it back into the pool on return. As we said, total flexibility with the users requirements in mind.


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