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Pixologic ZBrush 2020

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ZBrush 2020

ZBrush 2020 empowers artists with greater sculptingflexibility via powerful additions to the award winning brush system. We haveexpanded the library of sculpting brushes with the new XTractor, HistoryRecalland DecoCurve brushes. In addition, you can now constrain your brush strokes toonly forward gestures with the new No Back&Forth modifier.


Beyond the new brushes we've expanded the capabilities ofthe MorphUV feature, which makes it possible to view the unwrapped UV layout ofa model within ZBrush. Sculpt & Paint in Morph UV allows you to sculpt andpaint on the 2D unwrap of a model, applying all updates to the 3D model.


Sculpt & Paint inMorph UV

Now with the ability to sculpt and PolyPaint on the UVunwrap of a model, it's never been easier to apply long continuous strokesacross a mesh. One such example would be applying a stroke from the waist upthrough an armpit to the wrist of a character. Or perhaps you wish to apply apattern on a mesh that is too complicated in the 3D form.


Have you ever had a difficult time reaching certain areas ofa sculpt? With Sculpt & Paint in Morph UV, that is a thing of the past!


XTractor Brushes

These three brushes convert detail from your model into anew alpha or texture for future reuse. Simply drag your stroke across thesurface of any model to capture the details of your sculpt. The captureddetails can then be used elsewhere on the same model, or on any other model inthe future.



Have you ever wished you could undo just a portion of yoursculpting without losing everything else that has been done on the model? Nowyou can! This brush uses your model's Undo History but restricts the effect tothe area where the brush is used. It can also be used in the other direction,projecting Redo History from part of one model to another regardless of anytopology differences.

Move Infinite Depth

Alter your brush to apply details to anything that isdirectly inline with the brush cursor. For example, add volume to the front andhind legs of a dog or move several vertex points on multiple individual mesheswithout applying a mask. The infinite depth option can be applied to severalbrushes.

You Can't Pick JustOne Color

Never again will you struggle contemplating what colorcombination to apply to a model. Now you can take any PolyPainted or texturedmodel and adjust its color hue, intensity, contrast, gamma or tint on the flyusing the new Texture Adjust by Color and PolyPaint Adjust by Color features.


Texture Adjust byColor & PolyPaint Adjust by Color

Texture Adjust by Color & PolyPaint Adjust by Color notonly gives you the power to adjust the colors in a model's PolyPaint or TextureMap, it also allows you to restrict these adjustments to specific colorselections. In addition you can use color picking to mask or unmask portions ofthe model.

Ready, Set, Analyze& Print

ZBrush 2020 continues to widen your ability to 3D printstraight from ZBrush with new mesh analysis features: Wall Thickness, Real-TimeDraft Analysis and Surface Area calculations. Now anyone will be able to easilyprepare a model for production!

Wall Thickness

With this feature ZBrush uses PolyPaint to provide a visualrepresentation of what portions of a mesh could benefit from additionalthickness before sending off for use with a 3D printer, CNC machine or anyother rapid prototyping method. Set your preferred minimum thickness andmaximum thickness, then click the button. Now use the color coded data to makeany adjustments, then click again to re-evaluate with those changes. It's assimple as that.

Real-Time DraftAnalysis

The new From Draft & Real-Time From Draft options giveyou a fluid approach to preparing models for many specialized manufacturingoptions such as two-part molding or CNC printing. Use the camera plane to setyour draft pull direction, then make real-time adjustments to your model toensure a successful production pipeline. The real-time draft analysis can evenbe applied as PolyPaint or a mask for additional options including saving theresult as a texture map.

Calculate SurfaceArea

No matter how the model will eventually be used, finding itsSurface Area and Volume has never been easier. With a click of a button ZBrushcan now provide you with the bounding box size, mesh volume and surface area.At the same time, it will check for watertight integrity. All of this will notonly help ensure a successful print but can also assist you in accuratelyestimating the amount of real-world material that your project will need.

Cam Silhouette &Cam View


With the new CamView feature you will always know theorientation of your model relative to the world axis, providing an accurateunderstanding of your XYZ space and offering an interchangeable one-clicknavigation view. Switch from front to back or left to right views of any modelby just clicking on icons within the CamView. You can even load any model tocreate your own unique custom CamView and then share it with other users.

Sometimes you just need to look at your model from a freshperspective, making sure that it works on a foundational level. With the newReal-Time Silhouette view you'll be able to evaluate the overall shape of themodel in a small window while still being able to see the same model with fullypainted and sculpted details in the main document space. This can give you thefreedom to explore new shapes or ensure that the model will read well from adistance.


A good pose is the essence of a great composition. Rhythm,gesture, weight and balance are all key to any work of art.


Mannequins are essentially ZSphere armatures. The way thatyou interact with them allows for easy posing, so that you can more easilyexplore your ideas – faster. The ZSphere Mannequins can readily be edited tofit any character or creature you need. Create an entire scene in just a fewclicks! In no time, you'll have established perfect visual harmony and be onyour way to sculpting a masterpiece. Use the Mannequin sample projects or ZooAnimals included with ZBrush 2020 to find just the perfect pose for single ormulti-character models.

Deco Curve Brush

The classic 2.5D Deco Brush is now in 3D. Stretch your texture and alpha along a curve.

Standard Deco Brush

Standard Brush Stroke

Deco Curve 3D

Alpha Brush Stroke

Deco Curve Color

Texture Brush Stroke

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